How to Get Free Traffic to Your Blog in 6 Simple Steps. Have You Tried Them?

Since I decided to go on a blogging journey I’ve grown my traffic for free. I want to share how I’m doing it to help you increase traffic to your blog or website.

My number 1 free traffic source right now is Forums. My first traffic article explains how I do it.

Since then I’ve doubled my daily traffic and it’s all 100% free.

Free is good, right?

I’ve found my target audience and it seems to be working well.

Although these free methods take my focus off making some money for myself, I’ve met some awesome people and I’m having a lot of fun.

Let’s get right into it, I’m going to show you how to increase website traffic.


What I’m Going To Cover

  • 6 Ways I get traffic for free
  • How to get organic google traffic via Forums
  • Choosing the right Social Media platforms
  • Show you a website that gets a crazy amount of visitors from Pinterest
  • How to find blogs to interact with
  • Why it’s important to build an E-mail list
  • Overall increase your traffic

Don’t like reading through lots of words? No problem, I’ve attached a video at the bottom of this article.

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1. Using Forums To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

I’m going to kick number 1 off with my favorite. This has driven huge amounts of traffic to my blog. This is how you may have found me.

Forums can absolutely dominate when it comes to driving traffic to a website. In fact, I’ve seen many blogs start this way.

First, you need to find some forums and sign up. I would recommend about 4-5 if you can then you can pick the best performing ones.

I understand that sometimes 4-5 won’t be available so whatever you can find will work.


Use Up That Empty Space While Using The Forum

Forum signatures are there for one reason… to be used. It’s a tiny little space that can have a big impact.

If you don’t know what a signature is, it’s a little free space that pops up every time you post. Perfect location for links.

Treat the signature like any other title. Make it stand out and add a bit of color then link it back to your site.

This one below converts the best for me and it’s linking to my article about finding hidden keywords on Facebook.

how to get traffic to your website


Now it’s time to post, most Forums will have a “new post” section. This is the easiest way to watch what’s going on, saves time browsing through the Forum.

Once you have found a thread that is related to your website or an article, simply link them out to your site if you think it could help them.

Try not to spam or you will get the ban hammer pretty quick.

Next, it would be a good idea to start a few threads for SEO purposes.


Google loves Forums, they have major authority. Forums are updated constantly every day and it all gets indexed in google.

I did a search for “increase free traffic to my blog” and this showed up in the 3rd position.How to increase website traffic

Those are all threads, yours could show up if you do some keyword optimization while writing the thread.

This is an example of something I would usually do. promote your website

Although I haven’t optimized it as well as I should that thread could pop up somewhere on the Internet. I linked it to my Instagram article.


2. Using The Right Social Media

Social Media can drive good amounts of traffic. If done right, you can generate huge traffic this way.

Take a look at the stats from this blog called Pinch of Yum. My partner follows this and she found it on Pinterest.

Are you ready for it?

That’s over 600,000 visits from Pinterest in a month. It’s there number 1 traffic source.

Those stats are impressive.

increase website traffic online


How much do they make a month? Enough to make it a full-time income.


Why is Pinch of Yum doing so well? They found their targeted audience and executed it perfectly by adding things like a pin button to all their images. They also grew their Pinterest account to 40,000 followers.

The biggest users on Pinterest are women and one of the most popular things is food…. especially recipes.

I use Twitter for most of my Social Media engagement because that’s where my audience hangs out. There would be no point in putting all my effort into something like Pinterest or Tumblr. My audience doesn’t hang out there.

Find your audience and social media platform then engage with them. You will start to drive free visitors to your website.


3. Commenting On Related Blogs

Not a massive traffic driver but it’s a nice trickle.

To do this, I type a keyword into Google then click “News”. Although this brings up news sites, I find some good blogs this way.



You can use Google Alerts to find blogs. Type in a list of keywords, whenever that keyword pops up in Google Alerts you will get an e-mail linking you to the website that used the keyword.



When commenting on a blog, enter your website in the website section so people can click through to your site. This might be obvious but I still sometimes forget haha.

When leaving a comment it’s a good idea to leave some value. This way you will get more clicks.


4. Targeting Low Volume Keywords

This can drive an awesome amount of traffic to your website. The more keywords you target the more traffic you will get.

First thing I recommend doing is using a program like Long Tail Pro to find some keywords. My video on keyword research will be a good help.

In this picture below I’m ranking my article about selling domains 3rd for a 260 keyword. 260 isn’t a lot of searches but if you’re doing a few articles a week, the stats start to really add up.

This ranked with no backlinks, just good on page SEO.

domain-flipping-online (1)


If you can get 10 articles on your blog ranked for keywords with around 200 views a month, that’s 2000 people you have exposed your blog too per month.

Do that with just good on page SEO and it’s 100% free organic traffic.

Can you imagine if you ranked 30 articles or even over 50 for low search volume keywords? Imagine over 100 articles ranking for low volume searches.

Huge amounts of traffic would start flooding in.


5. Using Quora

Quora Is a great way to get free visitors. Much like Yahoo Answers but better in my opinion.

Simply visit the site, enter a keyword to find questions to answer.

keyword research for organice traffic


Answer with some value then link out to something that might help them. You can get a very nice flow of traffic from this.

This is what I’ll be doing with this article, I do this with all my articles and it’s very effective.


6. Building An Email List

What happens to all those visitors who leave your site without signing up to an email list?

They might not return… ever.

Building an email list is very important for a few reasons.

  • It keeps you engaged with your visitors
  • You get returning visitors
  • You can keep them up to date with what’s going on

That’s just a few reasons among many.

Why do I build an e-mail list?

Apart from the fact that I enjoy engaging with my followers, It brings them back and when they share my new content it brings in new visitors.

Now, in most cases building an email list isn’t free. You have to pay for a service. Get Response will let you do this for free, for 30 days

This service will do a great job when starting off.



Final Words

This is how I increased visitors to my blog for free, I didn’t spend one single dime. This doesn’t take much time to do.

In fact, most of my readers reading this probably found me through these methods.

If you have just started a blog then give this a go and see how you do. Once you start seeing the traffic roll in you will see how effective it is.

The best part?

You can have lot’s of fun while doing it and learn how to get more traffic to your website.



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