How To Give Away Free Products & Make Money Online (Weird Right?)

Wait, you can give something away but still, make money?

Yes, you sure can.

So you know those offers that always seem too good to be true? Make this xxxx amount of money in a matter of days?

I thought the same with this method but apparently not. It actually does work and the theory behind it makes sense, people can make money online right now with this.

Between working on Youtube and life I found time to set this up for my girlfriend to try it out. So far so good!

Why am I sharing this? Because it can’t be saturated, the combinations are endless. It’s a GOLD MINE! This will be the new 2017 online method.

What You Need To Get The Ball Rolling

  • Startup cash
  • Facebook advertising
  • Aliexpress account
  • Shopify account
  • A box of beer to keep hydrated


So how this works is we are going to be selling shipping. Yip shipping, not the actual product.

The first thing you need to do is sign up to Aliexpress and get yourself an account.

You will need to find a product to give away. Just stick with 1 product for now and don’t get carried away trying to advertise all sorts of stuff.

I going to give you the low down on what you should be looking for. Animal products and hobby related products. People are super passionate about this type of stuff.

Now for the price of the product.

Find products that you can buy for around $1-5 with free shipping. You might think this is very weird, but it will all make sense soon.

I love fishing so let’s use that as an example.

some ways to make money online


With this, you can target fishing, bass fishing, trout fishing. More on this soon.

Now the next step is starting a shop at Shopify. If you don’t want to use them you could use your own website with some hosting. I use Blue Host. It would also be a good idea to find a name for your Shopify store.

In the test I did for my partner we just simply added one product and that was it. We didn’t want the customer getting distractions.

Obviously, the more detailed your shop is the more authentic it looks.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to go crazy with this. Don’t over think it just add a logo and a few products you want to promote.

Name it something like “Bobs Sale Shack”..

This is important

Set up your shipping cost, this is how you will make your money!

I recommend $9.95 or $14.95. Test them both.


How To Make That Money!

Now you have a store and a product it’s time to earn money online with it. We will use Facebook to make the sales.

Simply start a Facebook page about the product. In this case, I’ll call the page “Lucky Lures”

Next, you want to learn how to set up a conversion pixel in Shopify. This blog post can help you with that.

When starting your advertising campaigns you want to advertise as “conversions to website”

learning how to make money with shopify on facebook

Now you want to choose an audience. I’m not going to go into too much detail because this is simple. We want to choose a fishing audience.

  • Male
  • 20-50
  • America
  • Fishing, bass fishing, trout fishing, salmon fishing

You get the idea.

It’s time to set up the advert so I’ll give you an example of something I would do. If you have trouble finding an image without a watermark ask the vendor for an image without one, they will hook you up. (lulz)

how to make money online in 2015

So they might seem a little spammy right? If it does then simply change it to 2c lures instead of free and change them 2cents. Looks a bit more legit.

That’s really it for this part.

If you don’t want to use Facebook you can use Instagram to make money and do a shoutout. 

Find related Instagram accounts then you pay them to promote the product.


How To Scale Up & Send Off Orders

When starting you should start maybe 3 or 4 adverts. Once you find one that works scale up on that.

Find similar products then use them with the base of your winning advert.

So, you would change the picture, use a similar product but keep the advert headline the same etc.

Then rinse and repeat with other niches.

Sending off orders is simple. Copy the details from Shopify and paste them into. Easy right?


The Method To The Madness

How does this work, how do we make all our money?

Let’s say you charge $14.95 for shipping, the person gets the free products and pays for the shipping.

You make $14.95. Take away the conversion fee, let’s say $2 then take away the price of the item that’s $3.80.

Profit $9.15

10x $9.15 = $91.5

20x $9.15 = $183

See the potential? Even if you made a nice $50-100 a day after work it’s still some nice passive income.

Some people claim they are making up to $900 a day doing this. A great way to kick off the new year and make money online.

Keep in mind that the conversion pixel can calculate in other factors. This all depends on where you place the pixel and targeting for traffic that you do. The pixel works on actions so for example someone checking out or adding something to the cart. Whatever way you set it up etc.

You NEED to test adverts. Don’t just start 1 advert and hope to make bank. Start at least 5 and let them run for around 2 days with a $5-10 daily budget per advert.

You then choose the winning ones and optimise them for better conversions. This will never work if you don’t optimise adverts or just do the 1 advert and pray method.


Final Words

Everyone is trying to keep this quiet.


Because this is the new tee spring and it’s making money online. There is so much money to be made here because it can be upscaled like crazy. You are in control of how much you sell and make. You can use Youtube if you have a large following that will also work great.

I’ve made a lot of my online earnings off Facebook in the past, I’ll be getting back into the Facebook game with this method. There is room for everyone so I wanted to share this with my readers.

I will do a follow up case study of this once my partner has sold a decent amount and settled into the method. This is going to be the new how to make money online in 2016 and it even beats the 3 step income article I wrote!


2018 Update

Wow, the time has really caught up on this method! This is one of the longest lasting money making methods online and it’s making people a lot of money!

So much has changed so let’s chat about it.

When this post was created there was a video that was also uploaded on youtube and today it’s racked in 300,000 views.

The video just went crazy and it could be the video that pointed you to this blog.

I have haters to thank for that since they talked about it so much, without them and their hard work the video and this blog post would have never found the attention it did. Much appreciated.

If you have trouble making sales then check out the Shopify article that’s full of tips to help you get your first sale in 3o days.

Alright, so what’s changed?


Free + Shipping

So does this method still work?

Yip, it sure does but it’s changed quite a bit, gone are the days of throwing up a product and getting those sales. Those days were easy!

Not to mention this method is a volume game and if you can’t get a good flow of sales you won’t make much money at all.

Now you have to put in a little more work, but hey that’s not so bad. Now I use Free + Shipping to drive traffic to my store and I do 2 things.

First, this is traffic so I want to convert that traffic into cash! Free + Shipping has low margins so I create an up sell. Back when I first started I didn’t use them and made good money.

This is the one I use on my own custom Shopify theme called eCom Turbo

So, make sure you have an upsell app on your store even if you don’t do Free + Shipping! You’re leaving money on the table if you don’t.

Why use an upsell app with Free + shipping? Well, it’s harder to do this method now but most people won’t tell you that.

It’s hard because that margins are low and it’s hards to find new products that fit the criteria.

This doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, however, you just need to maximize profits wherever you can.

FREE TRAINING: Click here to get your 3 day video training session that shows you how to build an Online Business from scratch!!

Using The Traffic From This Method

Alright, so when you advertise free products and make money from the shipping you get a lot of abandoned checkouts.

There is good news though!

When you get people leaving the checkout you get there email! You can turn those emails into money.

How might you ask?

These guys will get put on your email list. I use Get Response then I send out emails promotions to make money from those emails that most people would call useless.

This is a strategy that’s working very well for me and Get Response will integrate with Shopify without any issues.


The Viral Effect

So I talk about the viral effect a lot and for good reason.

If you want to make A LOT of money from giving away free products and charging for shipping you need to get sales and pay next to nothing for conversions.

To do this you need traffic and a lot of it.

So this is why I use upsells or try to focus on getting the advert more organic traffic than paid traffic.

How can you do that?

When you do your website conversion adverts use a page post and have a call to actions on it.

This one started to get a good amount of organic traffic and it was creeping up on the paid traffic.

At the end of the day if you’re paying too much for advertising, getting lot’s of abandon cart/checkouts then stop the Free + Shipping method and try selling with a markup instead.

You could also keep trying a few more other products but if they just don’t work out then it’s time to move on to different methods.

The free+shipping method still works but not like it used to, you need to be more creative.


Selling Products With Good Profit Margins

This is primarily what I do now and there are a few reasons why.

You make more profits.

You have more room to spend more money on advertising.

It’s still a volume game if you want to make a ton of cash but you have more leverage.

When selling products that have a price markup you simply have more control.

Sounds weird right?

Well, you can afford to spend more per conversion when it comes to advertising. This gives you more control over your advertising campaigns.

When you do the free+shipping method you get the fear of losing money pretty quickly when you start throwing money at adverts and get nothing in return.

On the other hand with this method sure you could eventually start getting the fear of losing money syndrome but it takes a little longer and give you a wider window to make sales.

When you do make those sales usually you will be even for a while but once everything is optimized you will start to see nice profits.

The best part?

You don’t have to sell as much to make good money, something like free+shipping, on the other hand, is a big numbers game and you need a lot of sales to see a good return on your investment.

This is why I use the Free+shipping method traffic to convert into upsells and get them on my email list.

They become more valuable this way.

It’s all about ROI when it comes to making money online and you almost always get a better ROI on cheap products that you put a good markup on. This is obvious but there is still work to be done you make those good profits.

Let’s take a look at this real quick…

This product cost em around $11 shipped to my customers

I’m selling it for 39.99

Take away product cost and I have $29 per product to play with. See where I’m going with this?

Even if I spent $9 per product with Facebook advertising to get a sale I would still be making $20 profit per product.

I definitely have more room with margins to run a test and find a willing product via trial and error.

On the other hand with free+shipping I’m limited and really need to get a large volume of sales rolling in.

Is it easy to sell items at higher prices?

Well, it does become harder but with the right angles and sales tactics, it will become easier.


Selling T-shirts To Make Huge Profits With eCommerce

This is fast becoming a very popular way to make money with Shopify and it makes sense because everyone did the exact same thing with Tee Spring. Benny Hsu made over $100,000 Selling t-shirts.

The aim of the game here is to design a sweet looking t-shirt and sell it to the right audience.

Selling it to the right people is the important part because without them you don’t have a sale no matter how awesome and appealing that design is.

This is one that did well for me, super basic but the income was a great addition to my eCommerce earnings.

This is so simple yet it generated lots of sales and still does from time to time when I get organic traffic hitting that product page.

How can you find designers?

I found all my designers on Up Work and I used ones that had t-shirt design experience. I always send them examples of what I want and they make it happen.


Need a tip?

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel just find other designs and slogans online then use those as a guide for your own.

Obviously, don’t just go out and copy someone and expect to make money or for that matter copy anyone at all. The trick is to use their designs and slogans as ideas for your own.

Just take a look at these, it’s only a fraction of what’s out there in this specific niche.

It can be a lot easier to create some cash flow online when it comes to advertising these custom t-shirts since targeting can be easy with the right design.

This is a peek at one of my stores that sells 3d printed tshirts.

These are the 3 methods I’ve used since my Shopify journey and they consistently bring in a great positive cash flow.

Although I don’t do the free+shipping method as much as I used to I still do it from time to time and I make most of the income from upsells then from the email list that gets built.

Is this stuff sustainable?

Sure, if you put in the time and work you can make money online with this method for years to come.

This is actually one of the most popular ways to create a passive income and become an online entrepreneur today because it’s so successful.

How the drop shipping lifestyle is changing lives.

Even my own life has changed quite a bit since I started this.

I ended up finding a product that worked well locally so we had to get an office to be more centralized for sending out products.

Having the office also gave me more options to expand other things I’m working on.


Time For Some More Good Stuff!

Things have changed a lot over the last year and that includes the Facebook Group Online Samurais.



I started this group so we could all band together and share tips on how to make money, although most of the content is about eCommerce there are some other great topics that have popped up as well.

This is hands down one of the best internet marketing Facebook groups around with awesome members.

Manuel crushing out $300 in a day!

Marvin doing $2,500 in a day!

Jeffery smashed out $500!


Jeffery was actually the first person who had a go at this method after I posted it and got great results!

Check you his internet marketing Youtube channel as well.

The group is full of images like this but we would be here all day if I posted them all!

Some of these guys are making an extra income on the side and some are now full blown drop shipping masters making a full time living online.

Some of my Shopify students are now making 6 figure a year doing this!


Oberlo Made Things Easier For Us

If you don’t know what Oberlo is, well it’s an app that semi automates the entire drop shipping process and it can help you speed things up.

Back when I first started earning money from Shopify there was nothing like this and everything had to be done manually!

Now I don’t have a tutorial on this yet but you can check out this awesome tutorial here at the blog.

Oh, and it’s free! So if you haven’t heard of it yet or tried it then get onto it how because it makes this entree Shopify game less stressful.

This brings me to the next topic I want to cover.


Building A Responsive Profitable Email List

Without building a customer base my Shopify store would not be making the money they make today.

What I do is build up a customer base from my store then do product launches and it increases the store revenue big time.

In this video below it will explain how I do these Shopify product launches to increase the potential income of the stores.

To do all this I use a program called Get Response to control all my emails campaigns and build a profitable customer base.

It takes time to built all of this up but once done you can literally earn money on auto pilot. Get response will integrate with Shopify in a few simple steps and they have a large list of video tutorials to help.

A lot of people seem to think all you need to do is start adverts and you have created a nice stream of passive income…

This isn’t the case….

Although it was easier back when I first started this you should be building a customer base and better yet retargeting them.

We will talk about retargeting soon, to finish this list building section off I just want to say that you need to grab yourself a good email marketing program.

You need to get those emails off Shopify and into your email management program

You need to be promoting more products to make more money!

Trust me you will see those profits increase and it will all make sense.


Retargeting On Facebook Is Your Best Friend!

This really is the cream of the crop when it comes to Facebook advertising and you should be doing it!

Facebook has become an extreme advertising platform with features that are going to boost profits, one of those features in your custom audience.

What you want to do is make sure you have your Facebook pixel installed then build a custom audience from the product link you’re advertising.

Use the Pixel Helper extension to double check everything

If I was selling a hunting jacket then I would create an audience from the traffic that’s visited that hunting product page.

I would then advertise back to those people with maybe a discount or something else that squeezes a sale out of them.

You see the power of this?

It’s warm traffic that’s already landing on your product so we know they have an interest in your product.

This is where you will make a great number of sales with high conversions rates

Guess what?

You get super low cost adverts when you retarget! You can expect to see 30-50% Cheaper adverts when you run a successful retargeting campaign.

There is a crazy amount of stuff you can do like target a specific audience from one page and exclude them from other, it’s so precise!

My method with this is to offer them a 10% discount on the retarget and it creates a good flow of money from my Facebook adverts

Sure I lose 10% but doesn’t matter I still make a profit and plus the cost of advertising is cheaper.


Split Test Everything.

I see it way too often…

People are just too damn lazy to split test!

Split testing is the only way you’re going to dial everything down and get a better return on your investment.

The aim of the game is to get to the point where you get a low cost per conversion on your store.

Now, this doesn’t just apply to Facebook advertising this applies to your store as well.

I split test everything on my store including images and things like button colors.

There really isn’t much of a split testing app for your store but I just change things on my store while I’m advertising to see what works best.

Some people believe changing the colors won’t do anything but check this out.

This is a split test I’m running right now on this blog and I’m testing colors. I have clear winners in these images.

That’s solid proof that changing colors can increase conversions.

Even if you don’t have time to split test at least change the pricing a few times and the colors of your buttons.

You will see improvements.

Let me ask you this…

If you sold your product at $29.99 and your profit was $15 but you were getting slow sales so you changed it to $24.99…

Now that you changed the price you started getting more sales but profit per sale was $10 would you keep it like that?

I would because once you start getting more sales you can then look at split testing other things or better yet reinvest those profits into more advertising.

Sometimes it’s worth it to collect less profit per sale if you can reinvest that into improving your store and sales in the long run.

This is a long term game and shouldn’t be confused with those BS get rich quick schemes.

Now when it comes to split testing Facebook adverts there is so much you can test.


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Device
  • Images/video
  • Advert copy
  • Interest
  • And more


I test gender and age but what I split test the most is my advert copy!

I test headlines, advert text, call to actions, images and video.

As you can see from this I have a winner, I was testing Images.

Too many people just throw up one image nowadays and pray it’s going to make them money…

This simply doesn’t work anymore.

The right advert can cut your cost dramatically.

Just recently I ran a lead campaign, this is when you collect emails vid Facebook adverts.

I was in a semi hard niche and way paying $2.73 per lead.

After about 5 days of split testing, my final advert copy was bringing me in leads at $0.62!

Yeap, this is no joke!

While the competitors in this niche have Youtube videos bragging about $1-2 leads the split testing got me quality leads for under $1.

Split testing is no joke and it should be taken seriously, take some time to sit down and sort out what you want to split test then get onto it asap.


The Hottest Method Online Right Now

Let’s be real here most methods that show you how to make money online require you to become an a**hole and spam.

This is why everyone loves eCom so much because you can actually build a real online reputable branded business.

No spam just a quality business.

The success rate is huge with this method… skeptical? Then check out the results from the Facebook group above.

Results like that don’t lie….

You might also remember the interview I did with Nick.

They are not washed out over the top earning reports these are really realistic results from real people just like you and me.

The proof is right here and this method is great because people are making money from it all the time.

Is this the only way to create a livable income online?

Nope, but it’s one of the best ways to do it and will before a very long time.

In fact, if you build up a good reputation with your store and brand you will become unstoppable.

With the rise of these so called millennials wanting to work from home, it’s become a reality for more and more people who want to become entrepreneurs.

Remember while others are trying to figure out easy ways to make money quickly you have come this far down the article so you must be serious!


The Best Private Internet Marketing Group On Facebook

I’m very happy to be a part of an amazing group that’s rapidly growing into one of the best places to join is you want to know how to create an online business.

I could have formed the group around the drop shipping and Shopify subject like most of the other groups but I went with another idea.

I created a group that was based on everything!

From e-commerce to SEO to Internet Marketing and more.

This group has it all!

If you want to know how to create an online business then this really is the only place you need to be.

We share tips and help everyone.

With over 12,000 members and counting it’s not slowing down.

Building A Solid Online Brand

This is something that’s changed a lot in this method.

I still use a general store to test products but if you want to really make good money it’s all about the branding.

Once I find a winning product I build out a branded Shopify store based around that niche.

So let’s say I have a winning product I then fill the new store out with that product and related products.

I give it a good branded name then advertise hard building that brand.

Branded niche stores perform a lot better than general stores however general stores are great for testing.

Could you imagine starting a store each time you wanted to test a product?

Would get very expensive!

I remember when I first started this method you could just use general stores for everything.

Now you still can but it’s become harder to build trust with your customers this way.


Final Thoughts On This Update

If you’re not giving this a go then jump on and see how it goes!

You can even pick up a free Shopify trial.

This method has become one of the most successful ways to earn money online and it’s not slowing down.

You can earn money on the side while you still work!

You’ve seen the results…

You how access to my free training.

Now it’s time to make it happen 🙂

Did you know that most of the results in the Facebook group are from the free training I provide?

Yeap, they didn’t pay for a course they watched that content and gave it a go.

Remember to test!



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