Find Awesome Shopify Brand Names And High Value Domains

This isn’t usually something I would write about. However, what I’m about to show you has really come in handy for me.

A young lad sent me his website Flame Domain to take a look at a few weeks ago. At the time, I had a quick look and thought it was a really decent great looking site…

I then thought this would be perfect for finding brandable domains for the Shopify drop shipping method, also buying and selling domain names at auctions.

Last night I spent some time on the site and found well over $7,000 worth of domains. That’s just $7,000 on the domain valuation. They would sell for a lot more to the right person since they’re aged premium brandable two word domains.

There are many ways you can use this website but let’s look at what I’ll be using it for and how it can help you with Shopify and reselling for profits.


Find Those Awesome Shopify Brand Names

Selling items on Facebook with a Shopify website is very popular right now. It’s a good time to get into something like this.

But you need to stand out from the rest!

One of the best ways to do this is with a nice brandable domain. In fact a domain name could limit you if you don’t have something brandable.

I’ve noticed a trend within the communities who do the Shopify method.

The brand name websites do very well and have a secure future for their store. On the other hand, the long hard to understand domain names never do so well.

Sure they might make good money but can you really upscale and brand yourself with a rock solid reputation?… Not really.

Imagine if someone buys a product from your Shopify store then a friend ask them where they got it. If your store is called “Jims Rockin Super Duper Sale Shop” then the chance of them remembering that name is very slim.

You’re now obsolete to that customer because they can’t remember you. They probably noticed the advert on Facebook, clicked it, purchased it then left without remembering the name.

This is where Flame Domain comes in…. this site is simply badass.

Before we get into Flame Domain, why do brands matter? because they work.

Take Flame Domain for example, catchy right?

These are two of the best publicly known Shopify Stores right now. These make insane amounts of money, both make well over 6 figures a year and one of them is pushing for 7 figures….

Beyond_Basick make money selling domains


Why are they so successful?

Apart from awesome Facebook advert campaigns they are super easy to remember. Word of mouth is still very powerful.


This Is How It Works

This is how Flame Domain works, it’s very easy to do.

This is all you need to know, choose your options then click “Generate Names”

Easy right?

generate domain


Make sure you get yourself a free account to unlock extra features.


Not only does it find domains for you but it will tell you if the social accounts are free.

It will even give you logo ideas!

logo social media


How To Make Money Selling These Domains

Alright, so as we can see the domain generator is nice and simple to use to find all sorts of domains for all types of situations.

What about making some extra cash? It’s all about buying domain names for profit.

Since this generator pumps out great domains you can sell them at auctions. I’ve talked about selling domains before but this just makes it so much easier.

I found some great domains last night that I’m going to sell on Flippa when I get the time.

Check out these values.


domain price


These are some of the results from a couple hours of searching. I went with the best ones then started buying domain names out of the ones I found, to get the valuation I used

The valuation doesn’t really mean much to me because the real values what the buyer is willing to pay for it, estibot gives you an indication though.

I didn’t just choose any random domain to sell, I registered ones that will appeal to a certain niche, person or company.

Some of these domains are super premium and should be expected to sell for $5000+ each.

I expect the rest to sell for $500-$3000. Not bad for a couple of hours clicking a button right? I even have a really nice one that should sell for $10,000 or more. If the right buyer comes along it will easily go for that.

I have a few more I might register from the list hence the blur, once I have my final domains I’ll link the auctions here so you can see what types of names I got.

If you want to see how much domains go for then check out Some crazy sales figures.


Final Words

To finish this off I just want to say that Flame Domain is awesome, you can use it for more than just finding Shopify names. This young man has created a great platform that will come in handy for a lot of people.

I’m about to go do another round and see if I can snatch up a couple more premium domains.

Definitely check this out of you’re looking for awesome names because this makes it so much easier!

Are you already into buying and selling domain names? Then I’m sure you will also be interested in this. Go try it and find those awesome domains!


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