Quick and Easy Domain Flipping Guide. My Buddy Just Made $17k!

I was just finishing off an article on keyword research and a friend of mine sent me a message on Skype….

He just sold a domain for $17,000!

He flips domains for a living so I’ve spent the last hour talking to him about it. He showed me exactly how he does his domain flipping. I wanted to know how to make money flipping domains.

The secret? A little site called Just Dropped.


What I’m Going To Cover

  • How to find good domains.
  • Where to sell domains
  • How to turn that Domain into a brand
  • What Brand Bucket is used for?
  • Video version after post.



First, I’m going to recommend heading over to Just Dropped

Once at the site click “daily deals” and sign up to, the newsletter.


They send you domains every day or so….good domains. Not random domains with random numbers and symbols etc.

You can also use the newsletter for niche or website ideas.


domain flipping

Examples… This is just half the list I got sent today.



As you can see the domains are nice and clean. No numbers or symbols. Perfect for domain flipping.

After you find something you to keep or sell you should check the backlinks. I use Moz.

Make sure it’s got no spammy links. A bit of PA/DA is always a bonus.

Flipping Domains

Now you have a domain, what can you do with it?

You could use it yourself and start a WordPress blog. You could also sell it.


Selling a Domain or Domain Flipping.

My friend uses 4 sites to sell his domains.

First I want to talk about Brand Bucket. I think it’s a unique way to sell. Brand Bucket is a website where you sell a branded domain with a logo.

Get this… most of them sell for $2,000 plus.

All you need is a nice domain, a logo and list it. Just a waiting game after that. This is how you turn that domain into a brand.




Flippa is the number 1 website when it comes to selling for my friend. Every day people are selling domains for huge profits.

Take a look at the picture below. Some serious money flying around on Flippa.


Domain Market & Sedo

These 2 are just the same as Flippa. Domains sell for large amounts every day… so why not get a slice of the action?


Final Words

My buddy is making 6 figures a year flipping domains. All he’s using is one simple newsletter he receives. Then selling any domain he wants to sell.

This is a simple domain flipping guide for some extra cash online. You could buy 1 or 2 domains and just let them sit. Even if it took a while to sell it’s still profit.

Brand Bucket puts a nice twist on things, I really like it. With a quick google search, you can find similar websites. I also have a guide that shows you how to find good websites on Flippa.




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