Looking for a 60 Day Shopify Trial? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Have you considered opening a store on Shopify and need to know where you can find a 60 day Shopify trial? We’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.

First, we’ll start with the bad.

There is no longer a 60 day Shopify trial available. That’s probably not what you came here to hear.

That’s just the way it is, Don’t bother trying to find one because the people who claim to have one probably just want to send a virus to your computer.

Now, the good news.

You can still get access to a free trial of Shopify. You’ll just have to settle for a slightly shorter version than the 60 day Shopify free trial you wanted

Shopify’s trial program is now a 14 day Shopify trial that allows you access to all the features.

How Does the Revamped 60 day Shopify Trial Work?

To get started, you’ll simply enter your email address, a password, and the name of the online store you’re opening up.

From there, the trial will ask you about where you are in your online sales journey.

After that, the trial jumps right into the meat and potatoes of online selling. They ask you to enter a business address so that you’re able to collect cash from potential customers.

Then, they put together a preliminary store for you and sends you to the back end of your new site to choose which plan you’d like to use.

If you were looking for a genuine 60 day Shopify trial and then settled for a 14 day trial, you probably aren’t looking to sign up for a paid plan immediately upon entering your store, right?

No problem!

Instead of actually choosing a plan, simply take a look at the toolbar on the left side of the screen so you can begin exploring.

They don’t actually make you choose a paid plan right away, even if it kind of seems like that’s the case.

What Features Can the Free Shopify Trial Offer You?

To be honest, you can do just about anything you’d need to do to run an online store from Shopify’s platform.

Here are some key points you may want to take a look at while you’re giving Shopify a shot.

Home Page

From the home page, you can find lots of direction in developing your business. You can also revert back to this page if you do decide to set up a paid plan.


This allows you to upload your products to your Shopify site, but it takes it a step further.

This is one of the craziest features in this free trial.

Say you think you want to start an online store, but you really don’t know what to sell.

Click ‘Find Products’ on the Products page and you’ll be directed to Oberlo, Shopify’s drop shipping partner, to find products to sell that require no inventory.


Shopify offers its users a great range of analytics so that they can keep up with their business and keep their marketing strategy fresh.

The Online Store

You can design your store and even set up a blog to help promote it from the ‘Online Store’ tab in the menu.

It’s all quite user friendly and you don’t need to be very techy to get a store set up.

Take advantage of the 14 day trial since the 60 day trial doesn’t exist anymore.

Despite the fact that the trial length has been shortened, the access it gives you will allow you plenty of opportunities to explore what Shopify could do for your online business.

Go ahead and sign up for your free trial today, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Get your trial here before they end it!

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