How You Can Find Hidden Keywords on Facebook in Minutes.

For the last 2 years, I’ve been advertising on Facebook. I’ve had my good days and my bad days… Facebook can be a tough nut to crack.

When I first started creating an income on social media it was a tedious task. Spending hours finding an audience that had an interest in what I was selling. 

Optimizing my adverts to get low CPCs and high CTRs… these things took me hours.

Times have changed since I started, I’m now using a chrome extension called Insight Pro.

Now let me just tell you something about this extension…

It’s a game CHANGER!. I’m getting as much as 35% on my click-through rates!

I’m going to show you exactly how I’m getting crazy click-through rates.


What I’m Going To Cover

  • How I’m getting high ROIs on Facebook
  • Why I’m using videos in my Facebook adverts
  • How easy it is to find a laser targeted audience in minutes
  • I show you what micro-targeting is.
  • How I’m using Insight Pro to dominate Facebook
  • Video version after post.

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Before I get started we need to ask ourselves. What do we need to make money on Facebook?

  • A converting product
  • Low cost per clicks
  • High click-through rates
  • Convincing adverts

This is what I concentrate on when setting up my Facebook adverts, To do this we need a laser targeted audience.

So, should we check out some stats before we get started?

Sorry about the watermark. Someone stole my first picture and tried to sell it as an ebook hahaha.


Yip! That’s $0.01 CPC with high CTRs. I ran those 4 adverts for 12 hours and spent $24.29… It brought in $1600 in commissions.

Right so let’s get into it.

Now, if you’re serious about making money on Facebook I suggest Insight Pro.

Although this extension isn’t necessary to make money on Facebook, it will save you ALOT of time.

Let me explain.

It used to take me about 8 hours to optimize all my adverts to get the stats above. I would have to test at least 20 adverts, usually only getting about 3 winners out of it.

With this extension, I can whip up a laser targeted advert within minutes.

So, once you have the chrome extension you need to head over to Facebooks audience insights.

Enable the Chrome extension then click “activate”

(I’m not using my real Facebook because I’m using Facebook coupons)

Making-money-on-facebook (2)

Once activated, add a new project. I’m going to go with “luxury” since that’s my niche. Once that’s done click “luxury” from the drop down menu in “load Projects”. Load up the project.


In this next image, we have our research on the left and our project on the right. Let’s go over it.

This is what we can research about people.

  • Interest
  • Job Titles
  • Employers
  • Majors
  • Schools

Are you starting to see how powerful this is?

Now we put our keywords in the top left and click start


At this point, we can click on something from the above image like “luxury goods” and add it to our project. I would rather not do this and go deeper into “luxury goods”. Below I highlight it then clicked “expand selected”

As you can see from the slider on this program, it’s found so many options.

Right, now we have gone deeper finding luxury goods. What I do now is highlight “jewelry” and “watch’ then I add It to my project.



I’m not going to go through every single option but let’s look at job titles. As you can see I’ve added lawyer to my job title.


Now let’s create an audience. You will need to click your interest and job titles again to add them to your ad.

As you can see I’ve done this.


Now you can tweak it with Facebook audiences. This will be below Insight Hero. (I’ve just cut it off in the picture)

When you’re ready you can click “create ad” This will take you to the power editor. A window will pop up then and you need to “create new”.

Once you’ve configured the advert then click “upload changes” This will upload it to your Facebook ads manager.

When setting up the advert you just do it like you normally would. I personally use videos and post engagement. What you use depends on what you’re selling and what the objective is.

My final audience ended up been 5100. Can you make money out of this? Yip!

Let me explain how.


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What is Micro Targeting?

I do a little thing called micro targeting. I have no idea if it’s a thing many people do, but it works well for me.

At the start of the article, I mentioned that I made $1600 in commissions and spent $24.29

How did I do it?

  • One luxury resort in Snoqualmie Falls Seattle
  • I had 4 audiences under 8,000 total each
  • 4 different job titles
  • Targeted people who like luxury travel and live in Seattle
  • I also added a few other luxury interests

I ran 2 video adverts and 2 post engagement adverts adding the link to both.

Why video?

They convert like crazy!  I outsource quick short review videos of the resort. I just send him a bunch of pictures of the resort. It drives large amounts of traffic to my site and offers.

My best advert out of the 4

  • Video Views 942
  • CPC $0.01
  • Reach 2,377
  • Clicks to website 858
  • CTR 35.4%
  • Spent $10.36
  • Ad running time 12 hours

See the power this thing has?

This is perfect for Tee Spring! check out this audience that literally took a minute to make. Excellent for promoting a firefighter t-shirt.

targeting on facebook

Final Words

Whether you run Facebook ads on a regular basis or you’re just starting out… Optimized adverts are very important.

You can do everything manually, but this will take time. Insight Pro does speed things up and gives you more accurate targeting.

As long as you get those CPCs down,  some high CTRs and good products you will get sales. Please note I don’t always get $0.01. It also depends on other factors. This program makes it a lot easier though.




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