One Simple Step That Will Get You Free Website Traffic.

Looking for free website traffic? Started a website or trying to grow one that’s not doing so well?

With all my passive niche websites, I’ve always started off with forums for my traffic.

10 days ago when I finished setting up this blog, I did a bit of testing.

What did I test and why?

I wanted to find my target audience, to do this I used forums. This also brought in free website traffic at the same time.


What I’m Going To Cover

  • How I got 8000 page views in 10 days
  • What forums I used
  • What forums performed best
  • How to post on forums
  • What you should put in your signature


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The Power of Forums

What are forums used for?

Most of the time, information. Perfect for promoting services, websites, and products.

Before I go any further let’s look at some stats. This is all 100% forum traffic. I haven’t promoted anywhere else.

free website traffic free online traffic

One thing to remember is how relevant the forum is. Posting in the wrong forum won’t send much free website traffic at all. I would also suggest that you keep posting until you’re happy with the results.

I stopped posting for 2 days and the traffic started to drop.

There is a forum for any niche, I’ve even come across one for concrete pumps. I was searching for one when I was getting my house built, it popped up and was surprisingly large.

So what forums was I posting on for this blog?

Money making, technology, affiliate and webmaster forums.

I posted in all these forums. After 4 day’s I would choose my top 3 and get more active.

Once you have found some forums related to your niche it’s time to sign up.

The next step is your signature.

Some forums don’t allow you to have a signature right away. You might have to get active and build up some reputation first.

Signatures can be high converters if done right. I would stay away from annoying banners if you can.

I add text to my signatures and that seems to convert well. I don’t just put I throw some nice text in with hyperlinks.


In my niche research article, I mentioned “Soul food recipes”. So what would you use in your Signature?

Something like this would work fine. “My soul food recipes will have you drooling” The blue would be the hyperlink.


How You Should be Posting in Forums

Now that you have a nice signature it’s time to get posting.

I plan on staying active in all the forums I use for a long time. I want to have a good reputation.

The best way to post in forums if you want to drive traffic is answering questions. You could start a thread but make sure it’s useful and not spam.

First I would make an introduction if they have an introduction section.

Most forums have a new post section. this is where you should go next to start engaging.


What’s the most effective way of posting?

Don’t spam. It’s easy to go into a thread and just post something like ” go to” This will get you hated very quick.

I reply to post just like I do my signature… with hyperlinks.

Here’s an example.


Someone was asking about buying websites on Flippa. I linked him to my article about buying websites on Flippa.

That one post brought in 150+ clicks to my blog.


Optimizing The Results For Your Benefit

Now, what?

A good amount of free website traffic should be rolling in at a nice pace now, it’s time to pick the top 3.

I pick the top 3 then concentrate on getting more active in those forums.

Free traffic from forums

Now you might notice I have a lot of direct traffic. This can mean many things so I did some digging.

Most of that direct traffic is coming from the Digital Point forums. Not sure why it shows up as direct but the numbers are no surprise. I did a lot of posting in that forum.

So now you would be noting down the top 3 and getting more active to increase visitors.

This is just one simple method. You could also post on Reddit and other message boards.


Final Words

Forums are often overlooked when it comes to traffic. I’ve started my blogs with this technique, it works very well.

If you haven’t used forums before I highly recommend it. Get involved in some niche related topics and drive visitors to you.

Traffic increases authority, you will soon be getting natural backlinks. This will increase your search rankings over time.

I allocated 30-60 minutes a day to forum posting, It doesn’t take much time.



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