How That Tumblr Test Hit The Front Page (Case Study)

What a month March was! Google is really loving some of my sites right now.

Remember that post a couple months back about the Tumblr juice? Well, that page I used for testing turned out to rank extremely well and fast.

Them Gurus are still claiming Tumblrs are useless ever since the redirect……

know nothing about seo


Those guys are missing out!

Tumblr played a big part in these rankings and I also witnessed some huge improvements on someone else’s site from 7 Good Tumblr’s last week.

They still work and the trick is to find good Tumblrs.

It’s a waste of time using Tumblr’s with no backlinks or weak backlinks going to them. There is simply no power in those Tumblr blogs.

Let’s talk more about that soon, It’s time to see the goods.


The Results

Let’s start with the results first so you can see how effective this method was. To get it ranked in about 2 months was a good time frame for a competition 41 keyword. If I was more aggressive it could have got there sooner.

It should take 1-3 months to rank a page if you have every running smoothly with no issues.

keyword research


Right from the start, these are the first results when I did a ranking refresh, impressive because it happened very fast.

This was part of the tumbler test and the keywords with the arrows are what I targeted in the anchors.

ranking websites with backlinks

6 Days later


9 Days Later


Final Settled Rankings

The 2 & 3s have youtube videos in front of them so I’m getting good blog traffic in those positions since I have no other competition above me.

Also a few extra keywords I picked up along the way.

case study

ranking websites

(the blue and black lines at the bottom are overall averages on all the keywords so ignore those ones)


Stage 1 (Optimising)

I’m going to cut right to it and do this in stages so you guys get a better understanding of the study.

This stage consisted of optimizing the page for my target keywords.

Every time I optimize a page I don’t care about keyword density. What I mean by this is I don’t have a specific percentage in mind. Every keyword is different so I don’t know the sweet spot until I test it.

For this page, I put the target keyword in the title and twice in the article. I also had it on the sidebar.

Secondary keywords were used 1-4 times.

This is my overall density. Some would say only using the keyword a few times is too low, could be but it performed well so I rolled with it.

I would rather be under optimized than over optimized

My target keywords are not even over 1%, super low density but it worked very well. I also have variations of the keywords in the article and they help a lot.

keyword density


Stage 2 (Tumblr Test)

Some of you might remember the Tumblr test I did a while ago, this is the page I used.

I used 42 expired Tumblr blogs to build backlinks back to this page. I had a mix of 30-45 PA Tumblrs and they were just whatever I had left over from a scrape….. nothing amazing.

Usually, I actually do all my diversity first so this isn’t how I do things but this page was perfect for the test at the time.

This is what I used for my anchors

  • Branding
  • Naked URLs
  • Keyword variations
  • Some exact match keywords (small amount)

The results from this got me to where I was 9 days later in the results above.

Not bad right?

If you want to know how I find these Tumblrs I have a very good Tutorial Here.

A list of the first 27 Tumblr’s I used for this (always keep a record of things)

best free keyword research tool


Stage 3 (Diversity)

This part is very important and I’ve seen the proof over and over again.

So at this point, I have 42 backlinks from Tumblr right? Well, I need to diversity that… I need other links.

These links can just be the cheap links you find on Fiverr, they work very well.

This is what I used for diversity for this specific page.

  • 30 Profile links
  • 15 PDF sharing
  • Press release
  • 10 Infographic submissions
  • 4 Audio sharing site links
  • Video submissions

These are some of the vendors I use

For keywords I send them

  • Naked URL (the page I’m trying to rank)
  • Branding (website name)
  • long tail keyword variations
  • General (click here, this website)

Why is diversity Important?

I consider diversity to be important because it gets your website or page ready for the big push.

Sometimes you can see great results from this alone if it’s an easy niche.

This is somewhat of a touchy subject, some people like to just go right to using the strong links, I would rather not.

Diversity first then use the big pusher links to push the final ranks.


Stage 4 ( Web 2.0 Links)

At this point the page was performing better than expected and I probably didn’t need to add these but I did anyways, it’s cheap enough.

I purchased 10 Web 2.0s, I then used keyword variations and exact match keywords for the anchors.

Because I did my diversity I can now use my exact match keywords more with anchors to push ranks.

This guy has a good a web 2.0 building service.


Sending power to the web 2.0s

You want to juice these up with something and it can be spam or rubbish links. I buy GSA gigs and use cheap rubbish private blog network links from Blackhat World.

Never send these types of links to your main page you are trying to rank! Trust me I’ve tried most of the private blog network sellers from that forum and they are crap.

Good for juicing up web 2.0s though.


Stage 5 (The Pushers)

These are the links that will actually give you the final push.

Good Private Blog Network links.

So with all the other stages, I got this page ready for this, especially with the diversity. The key here is to find or build your own strong private blog networks.

I purchased Hatred’s links as I usually do and they pushed me all the way to the top. If you have purchased his links before you already know he’s very good.

He is the Only person I’ve purchased off who actually knows how to move websites.

Facebook groups are also a great way to find link sellers but I can’t vouch for any since I’ve never tried them.


The Anchor Text

Right now this is where the anchor text stands, keep in mind this doesn’t show every link but gives you an idea.

Anchor text (1)

  • 38% naked URLs
  • 15% branding
  • 4 & 8% are keyword variations and exact match keywords
  • 12% are other anchors like general keywords


Final Words

Why does everyone want to be at the top? because that’s where the money is.

This page doesn’t make me a tonne of money but it makes me a small nice little income… from just one page.

This page started out as a test then I did the usual stuff to get it to where it is now. I still have other pages with massive search volumes that I’m working on so this site will have huge volumes soon.

Remember to build links to the page you are trying to rank. Don’t just send backlinks to the homepage, I see that mistake quite often.

So to recap, I used expired Tumblrs to run a test then used cheap Fiverr links for diversity. I then use web 2.0s and hit it last with strong private blog network links to give it that final push.

At the end of the day if you want something to take away from this then Tumblr is still working extremely well! Diversity is also playing a big part right now.

Oh…. and Hatred’s links are still the best hands down.


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