3 Simple Steps to Get Your Youtube Videos Ranking on The Front Page

What a week! So many questions. Thank you all, keep them coming and I’ll be doing a Q&A very soon.

I do want to cover one question though. How to rank a youtube video on the front page of Youtube.

Before we start I want to show you something.

Have you heard of the lady who’s making $ 1 million a month from Amazon?

How does she do it? how does she make money using Youtube videos?

Using SEO backlinks to ranking Amazon review videos on Youtube. Genius if you ask me, Youtube is very powerful.


What I’m Going To Cover

  • How to get more views
  • How to stand out from the rest
  • The 3 things you need to optimize
  • How to write video descriptions
  • Finding keywords to rank for


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Getting to the front page of Youtube isn’t very hard at all. It’s easier than getting on the front page of Google, depending on the keywords you target of course.

Let’s have a look at some of my video that are ranking.

This one below is ranking 2nd if you don’t include the adverts for the keyword “building a website online”. It now has over 50 views in 1 day. Youtube hasn’t updated it in this image yet.



This Video I uploaded 30 minutes ago, it’s already ranking for my Keyword. It also ranks for another keyword I’ve optimized it for.



Is it really that easy to rank on Youtube? Yes.

At least 80% of the videos on youtube are not optimized very well at all, they don’t know how to rank a youtube video. This gives you an advantage if you take a little time to optimize the video.

Let’s look back at the images above for a second, do you notice my thumbnail stand out? This brings me in a lot of views.

How powerful are the thumbnails I create? Take a look below, In 1 month one of my Facebook videos has over 7,000 views.

how to rank videos youtube seo

Ranking videos youtube seo


As you can see the video even managed to grab a spot on the front page of Google for my keyword “Facebook advertising tips”.

With the combination of good thumbnails and first page rankings, this video has brought in a good amount of views.

Why are views important?

They give you social proof, do you click on videos with lots of views? It’s in our nature to do it. Getting a consistent amount of views will also help keep the video on the front page.

Making my thumbnails is easy. I can make on in less than 5 minutes…. anyone can.


Getting Those Videos on The Front Page of Youtube

Before we do anything we need to choose a keyword. You can read all about how I find keywords for Youtube in my Amazon keyword research article.

You can also find keyword suggestions by using Youtube and typing a word into the search bar.

Keyword suggest is another great tool.

Once you have a keyword it’s time to check out the competition. I don’t spend much time on this.

I simply look at the front page, If I see that about 50% of the videos are less than a year old then I’ll try and rank it.

If the page is dominated by videos that are older than a year old then I’ll move on. Although youtube likes new content, I find it hard to rank videos for keywords that are dominated by old videos.

Remember, we are not building backlinks to these videos we simply just want to rank quick and easy.

I like to choose one main keyword then 2 more related ones that I’ll add in.


We Need to Optimize 3 Things

  • Titles
  • Description
  • Tags

That’s all we need to do, we will be ranking in no time. I’m going to show you how I do it.

In this example, I’m trying to rank for

  • How to increase youtube views and video rank
  • Youtube SEO tutorial
  • First page of youtube

In this picture, you can see I’ve covered most of my 3 keywords. I like to keep my titles as short as I can. Only thing I didn’t type in was “first page” that’s ok though.

how to make monye on youtube and google 2

Let’s look at the description. I’ve color coded it. You want the description to be between 350 and 450 words.

  • Blue – Main keyword and sections of it
  • Pink – 2nd and 3rd keywords
  • Green – Random related keywords

Make sure you have your main keyword and parts of the other keywords in the first 2 lines.

The best thing about Youtube, it will show the rankings right away. You can change the description, do lot’s of testing to see what gives you the best results.

I might throw a few more words in this description and do more testing after this article to see where it takes me.




Now for the tags, this is easy. Just put the keyword you have chosen in the tags section. Don’t put anything else, we don’t want Youtube trying to rank us for a big list of random keywords.

It’s important to concentrate on the ones we actually want to rank for.

Once you have done this the video should rank on the first page for the targeted keyword within 5 minutes. Ranking for your target audience will help you get more views and exposure.


Do You Need Backlinks?

I haven’t used any Backlinks on any of my videos yet. Using Backlinks will definitely give you an advantage when trying to rank in Google though.

I personally don’t think Backlinks are necessary when trying to rank on youtube unless the keyword is hard to rank for. If you have a good way of building backlinks for free then no harm in doing it.


Final Words

You don’t need fancy Youtube programs to rank on the front page of the Tube. I recently came across a tool that was $49 a month, all it did was do the research for you that I’ve shown you in this article, blatant rip-off.

As long as you have done some basic research, everything in this article you will have no problem ranking. You can even use iWriter for articles if you don’t want to write descriptions yourself.



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