Increase Your Website’s Organic Traffic With Untapped Keywords

Did you know you could be leaving money on the table without even realizing it?

In December, I found one of my websites was missing out on over 500,000 searches a month.

Those are some crazy numbers!

What makes it more exciting? they are buyer keywords, golden gems.

Today I want to show you what I’m doing to maximize organic traffic to my websites.

This method is very easy to do and results can be achieved with some simple on-site tweaks.

Let’s get right into it, you’re going to want to give this one a shot.


Maximizing Website Rankings & Profit

When getting started with this, you will need an aged website that’s about 2+ month old.

Something that already has some authority if possible, just a small amount will do.

It’s no secret that the more quality backlinks you have and the more authority you have you will start ranking for random keywords.

I’m going to show you how to find those random gems you can take advantage of.

Doing this every once and a while finds me awesome keywords I can improve on.

This is what you can achieve with this simple task….


Website #1

keyword research tool

From this image, you can see the site is sitting between 4-10 for about 30 keywords and had a nice organic increase in November.

Website ranking online

The 3 marked in the website ranking checker are 3 that I found by doing what I’m about to show you and ranked in less than 24 hours.


Website #2

This will be the money shot website!

free keyword tool

I worked on this site just before Christmas and it’s already doubled in organic traffic from a few small easy keywords I found and optimized.

Now for the heavy hitting keyword’s I dug up.

how to find keywords and rank websites

These are the keywords I was missing out on, the ones in red I found then did some simple page tweaks to get them to where they are.

The top one is quite stable, the others will be bouncing around for a while but I plan to hit the first page in 3 months tops.

The first one jumped up from 94 and the rest were all over 150.

I’ll have to build more links for those ones, competition is medium.

Update: Since posting this I updated all my Niche website rankings a couple times, the top keyword hit the 20s (just) and the middle one that I was already targeting hit a new high.

The tweaks we will talk about soon are really starting to take effect.

untapped keywords


Website #3

This website is from Dillon, some of you might remember him from his private blog network post.

After watching a video on this method, he ran one of his newish sites through the process….

He found some juicy keywords!

ranking websites in google

The bottom 2 he found then optimized the page for the first one.

The last keyword wasn’t optimized yet but I’m sure it will bring similar results once it’s done.

Wait for it…

search rankings

Dillon sent me his website rankings the next day off his phone.

After finding the keyword, doing some simple page tweaks then resubmitting it to Google, he was in position 16 for a 60k keyword!

It wouldn’t have taken him more than 15 minutes to do….

Another Update! After showing Dillon this post he sent me a refresh and the 27k one is now at 54!

how to increase keyword rankings fast 2


How To Find Extra Keywords

This step is very easy and all you need is the free version of SEMrush to use as your free keyword research tool in this method.

If you want you can use a paid version but it really isn’t necessary for this small task.

Head over to SEMrush and enter your domain name, no sub-pages just the full domain.

When you get to the next page click on “view full report”

website optimization

Notice how it shows us 1,961 keywords?

Those are all the keywords one of my sites is ranking in the top 100 for, A lot of them are in the top 40.

how to use semrush

Now organize everything from the most searched by clicking on “volume”

Pay special attention to the “URL” section, this will show you the specific page that’s showing up for this keyword.

From the image above you can see I have more than enough extra keywords to target with good search volumes.

Copy the keywords you want to use and remember the URL for those keywords.

Now it’s time to optimize.


Optimizing Your Page For The New Keywords

There is really no specific secret sauce to on-page SEO. Follow the general guidelines and add your own little tweaks. No keyword is the same so it’s hard to replicate the perfect optimized page.

This guide will lay everything out for you if you are new to page optimization.

I would suggest running a few test to see where you end up.

We need to remember that some of your keywords ranking or showing up for these pages won’t even be mentioned in the article, so don’t over do it.

Here’s an example of something I would do. (I under do it but it seems to work well for me)

  • Keyword 1 -Twice
  • Keyword 2 – Twice
  • Keyword 3 – Once

What this means is I will have 3 keywords that I found in SEMrush, I’ll go to that specific page and put the keywords in that many times.

Then I would go to Google Submit (can find it in Google) Then resubmit the page.

Sometimes you will see the new rankings within minutes. You can then retweak the keywords again if you like and submit again to see if you have more improvements.

I like to wait 24 hours before doing that.

For easy keywords, I like to be in the top 60 and for medium keywords in the top 100 just from on-page SEO. (on a fresh page with no backlinks)

I generally don’t check keyword competition for these, I already know my site has the potential to hit the first page with them.

If you want you can use a free keyword tool like Keyword Revealer and double check.


Creating More Backlinks

In the grand scheme of things, you will need to create more backlinks to those pages for those new keywords.

You can start off with these 21 free backlinks then move onto things like a private blog network if you feel comfortable with one.

In most cases working with the page optimization should get you to the second page for an easy keyword if you already have some authority.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you even hit the first page since the page is aged. I have before as you can see in the image above, although I already have some decent backlinks going to that page.

I actually refer back to the Tumblr backlink method and that works really well to boost some of these extra keywords.

best free keyword research tool

Take advantage of  Tumblr’s power, seriously they are dynamite!

This is typically something I would do.

I would build about 20 Tumblrs then leave it for 2 weeks then do another lot of 20.

In most cases 20 high page authority (PA) Tumblrs can push the new keywords to the front page if I already have other links going to it.

I record every keyword I use and this is why I use the Tumblr’s, It’s easy to just drop links to those specific exact keyword anchors.

I can do 3 Tumblrs in 10 minutes so it’s the fastest and the most effective way I’ve found to build good fast free links. (unless you pay for them)


Stealing The Competitors Untapped Keywords

Not only can you use your own website but throwing the competitors site into SEMrush can yield great results.

Competitor analysis can sometimes make a huge difference on where you end up in Google.

The process works the same, enter their URL into SEMrush then start combing through some keywords. You might need a paid version if you want to start getting serious with the competition.

If you want to bypass getting involved with a paid version find pages on the competitors website that are similar to your pages.

So you have an article about e-mail outreach for example then find a similar article on their website.

Enter that page into SEMrush and watch the magic happen.

You now have keywords you can use on your own articles.

Did you know a lot of large sites don’t even optimize their pages? These are the ones you want to find!

This type of stuff can turn your articles into Google Dominators! Use what the competition isn’t using.


Final Words

This might not be new to some people but I wanted to share it to show how easy it is to find keywords you are unaware of.

You might be grinding away trying to rank a specific keyword, not knowing you have other keywords that are easier to push.

I like doing this because it maximizes the power of the pages I have good links going to.

By adding more keywords, I’m using that power to bring in more traffic without writing new articles on my niche websites.

SEMrush is also a great keyword research tool so have a play around with it and see what kind of stats you can find.

See how it works out for you, you might find that killer money keyword!




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