How To Generate Email Subscribers On Youtube (You Could Be Losing Leads)

Long time no see huh?

Over the last week, I’ve been testing and optimizing a lot of things. One of them being Youtube.

One thing I’ve also wondered is why bloggers don’t use Youtube as much as they should. Sure we have some bloggers who do but most don’t.

I guess they could be busy or don’t have the time, that’s understandable because a lot of time can go into Youtube.

Let me tell you now, Youtube is a powerhouse and I use Youtube for affiliate marketing.

I use it for traffic and sales.

I’m going to show you a little trick that will get you a nice steady amount of e-mail subscribers.


Let’s Pick My Brain, I’m Going To Show You

  • Why Youtube is awesome
  • How I generate email sign-ups every day from my videos
  • Why you should be using Youtube
  • What I hate about Youtube
  • Important Youtube Stats

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Youtube Means Business

When people tell you Youtube is pointless unless you get lot’s of views or have tons of subscribers they have no idea what they are talking about.

The amount of misleading content that runs through the internet now is insane.

I wasn’t going to use Youtube because I was under the impression that you needed to be “famous”, I’m glad I changed my mind.

Youtube is Awesome and damn easy to rank videos.

I ranked this video at the top for 3 targeted keywords and it’s already made 4 sales.



In 1 week, it’s got over 250 views. (It’s delayed in that picture).

This just shows how powerful it can be. I have a few videos ranking at the top that bring me in some extra cash.

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How To Generate Email Subscribers

This article is really about email subscribers, sure it’s nice to rank videos and such but how can you generate those views into leads?

On my videos, I have 2 ways that’s I do this and it brings me in a nice little trickle of subscribers to my list every single day.

Before I get into this we have 2 types of list.

The type I use where I send out newsletters and keep people updated on what’s going on with the blog etc.

We then have the types who just spam crap to people to make an easy profit, try and stay away from this if you can.

I might sometimes send out a discount to a product, but I never send countless spam e-mails.

First of all you need something to give away for free in exchange for the e-mail. I have bundled my SEO web 2.0 article into an ebook for this.

My first trick is simple, Add a “card” to the youtube video linking to a signup form. A card is a little icon in the top right corner that tells the viewer you have something to offer.



Next I also have a signup option at the end of the video, although this needs more optimizing it works very well.



If you have videos on Youtube then you should be doing something like this because it works.

Any blogger or internet marketer will tell you their list is their biggest asset. I’ve grown a huge list in my luxury niche and now I rarely need to use advertising on facebook because of it.

To link to the offer all I do is create a signup form with Thrive Leads and use the shortcode forms. I then paste that shortcode into a new page and I have a page I can direct them to with a form. This is it here…



Why Should You Be Using Youtube?

No matter what people say Youtube is very powerful, don’t believe the hype when people say “youtube is dead”… I see this so often on forums.

If they think it’s dead, they aren’t doing it right. Much like when people say “SEO is dead” like seriously? let’s be real here.

You should use youtube because if done right you can generate traffic and leads, who cares if your video only get 50 views in a few weeks.

Those 50 views are better than 0.

I certainly don’t care about views, some of my videos have lot’s of views and some don’t as long as they’re effective then I’m happy.

Ranking Youtube videos is easy for long tail keywords, I show you in my 3 simple youtube ranking steps.

Most video’s aren’t optimized because people are lazy, they just want to upload and be done with it. This is where you come in and out rank them.

Honestly don’t listen to all the talk about “this is dead that’s dead bla bla” If you have a blog or promote products you should be utilizing Youtube.


I Have a Love Hate Relationship With The Tube

Public speaking, I hate it with a passion. I get nervous I mess up but I’m starting to over this.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I have a fear of public speaking, but I still manage to upload youtube videos. I know this stops a lot of people from getting started on Youtube.

Give it a go, If you want to use Youtube or have thought about it before my advice would be just do it and go with the flow… see where it takes you.

I don’t actually hate youtube, I just hate the fact that I don’t like public speaking.



Keep an Eye on Those Stats!

This is a must and one stat in particular, where the traffic is coming from.

Even though I rank some of my videos on youtube I get over 33% of my video traffic from”suggested videos”

how-to-rank-video-in-youtube (1)

Why do I get so much traffic from “suggested video”

Because I’m sneaky 😉

Search the keyword you’re trying to target, let’s say “how to get more e-mail subscribers”. Now click on the top 3-5 videos with the highest views.

Use VidIQ to copy all their tags, then copy them into your tags.

Now whenever someone watches the video you copied the tags from you will show up on the right sidebar.

Cool, trick right?



Final Words

Well, that’s all folks. I just wanted to point out that you could be losing leads on Youtube if you don’t offer some sort of sign up option.

The power of Youtube is underrated, it’s actually a goldmine because most people are too lazy to optimize their videos or don’t know how.

I generate a nice flow of leads from Youtube and so can you.

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