How This Landing Page Template Gets Me 71% Optin Rates

I’ve had my fair share of landing pages before but this one out performs the rest by far!

No matter what niche you are in or what you do online you should be collecting emails one way or another, It’s a great source of traffic.

You might be here because I sent you an email right?

The same goes for any website online, we do it to build relationships and create returning traffic.

I wouldn’t actually really call these landing pages since they are so basic, more like lead generation pages.

A lead generation is when you offer something for free to the person’s email.

In this case, I was offering my launch jacking method.


The Old Landing Page

Some of you might remember this and although it generated conversions at a rate of 58% I wanted to optimize more. I figured I could push the limits.

This is what I was working with about 24 hours ago.

landing page

Surprisingly this converted very well. Apparently, the industry average is around 30-40% I was getting just over 58%.

I collected a lot of subscribers from this one opt-in page over a period of 3 months.

Most of it was from Youtube traffic.

email sign up


how to increase optin rates

This page did very well and it shows that you don’t need something fancy to get email opt-ins.


The New Optin Template I’m Using

Now don’t get me wrong the conversion rate from the old page did well but I wanted a change.

This is what I came up with using a simple template from Thrive Content Builder.

high converting Landing Page Template

thrive content builder


After waking up the next day, refreshing everything and updating my thrive lead plugin I was up to 71%.

I use the thrive leads shortcodes to make the download button so I can track the conversions. I find that easier.

I actually didn’t change much on the standard landing page template.

Deleting the background and changing the words is all I did.

I ended up pausing it and doing a few more tweaks but didn’t like them so reverted back. You can download this template below.

[sociallocker id=”6085″][/sociallocker]


How To Create A Converting Simple Landing Page

I’m going to run you through how I created this so you can see how easy it is.

If you’re new to email marketing you need some sort of email management system. I use Get Response.

This will build the list up for you then you can send out follow up emails.

There are loads of landing page creators out there. However, I now use Thrive Content Builder because it’s simple and integrates really well with my site.


Build that Page!

This is seriously super easy.

First I created a page, once that is done save it as a draft and click the Thrive Content Builder button.

landing page design


On the right, there should be an option to choose a landing page (or import my one if you downloaded it).

how to build a squeeze page


There are over 100 templates and for collecting emails I suggest going with simple ones. That’s the objective to collect emails.

Complicated cluttered templates will distract people.

Good for promoting products but not so good for a simple lead generation.

This is what I went with.

awesome landing page template in thrive content builder


Connecting this to your email system is easy. Click on the call to action button then click the connect with service button.

Choose API then enter your API code from Get Response or the service you are using.

You can also turn off the name section if you like. I don’t like it, lazy people want it and that’s a lost lead.

creating an optin form


If you want to go ahead and change the text or anything else for that matter it’s very straightforward.

There is a column on the right with everything to help you get started.

To change anything on the page itself just click on the item you want to edit.


Delete That Background Image!

I know it might be tempting to have a nice looking background. However, In my opinion…. they are pointless.

The only time you should have a complex awesome looking landing page design is when you’re building out a website or promoting products.

If you have a background on something like this you will miss out on leads.

  • It will slow down loading times.
  • It will become a distraction.
  • You want them focused on the opt-in form and that’s it.

Change the background to simple colors. Click on “landing page settings” to do this.

build an email list


Just think to yourself what would annoy you when you visit a landing page template? Bright ridiculous colors make me click the close button so I stay away from that.

I go with whites, greys and light blues for backgrounds.


Why Should You Be Doing This?

If you send any type of traffic to your website then collecting emails should be a priority.

I’m currently doing adverts on Facebook for a niche site of mine and I have an email marketing strategy in place that gets me a recurring income.

I always send them to a lead generation page before anything else.

I collect e-mails then offer them niche specific offers that I then get commissions from.

Plus it keeps Facebook off your back when you promote things you shouldn’t be.

Using Thrive Leads is a great way to build pages and I think it’s a great ClickFunnels alternative that will serve you very well.


Final Words

I wanted to get this up to show you that super high email conversion rates are possible.

Whatever you use lead generations for you want to get a high percentage rate, at least over 50. You won’t get that with website sidebar widgets forms and all that. They don’t convert very well.

Remember you don’t need to overthink it when creating these things. Even a blank page with a few words would convert. Probably better than most complex lead generation pages.

Even a blank landing page template with a few words would convert. Probably better than most complex lead generation pages.

Keep it clean keep it simple and you will be on your way to creating a high converting email list in no time!


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