How You Can Create Landing Pages That Converts With This Simple Plugin

I used to think landing pages were hard to make, sure the more complex ones are but they aren’t needed.

I’ve built up a large mailing list in my luxury niche and I did it with a squeeze page that took me 5 minutes to make.

Cool right?

If you ask any internet marketer what their best asset is they will say their mailing list, this is their customer base. Could you imagine clicking a button sending an email and making money?

Let’s get right into this, I’m going to show you how to create a landing page in 5 minutes to catch emails. This works great for my Facebook Group Method. I use this tool for my facebook landing page when collecting leads.


What You Need For This

  • A website
  • A squeeze page program/plugin
  • Email service
  • 5 minutes!


Choosing The Right Landing Page Program

Do you think creating a simple squeeze page is expensive? If you do I’ll tell you why.

All of these “flash” programs that charge people over $50 a month sometimes even over $200 a month to use are giving people the wrong idea.

You don’t need to pay stupid amounts of money to make a good squeeze page.

For some reason, these companies think they can charge this much because you have the ability to build a beautiful page.

The pages might beautiful but they are time consuming and just too complex.

All you need is WP Profit Builder, it’s cheap and it’s a one off payment landing page creator. This is the easiest and cheapest squeeze page generator I’ve found.

You can also look at ClickFunnels as they have a great ClickFunnels marketplace where they upload premade themes. The only downside is the price.

Before you start to take action, you will need some website hosting. I use Blue Host


Taking Action And Setting Up The Landing Page Design

First off, you will need some sort of email service so you can collect leads, I recommend the 30 day trial from Get response.

I’m going to assume you already have some sort of WordPress website setup so the next step would be to download and install WP Profit Builder. If you don’t have a website you can read my article about making your first website and getting visitors.

After you have done this click on WP Profit Builder in the sidebar then go to the “template management” section. This is where you will install any template you want to use. These are free templates.

This plugin has a great range of landing page design templates.


The next step is quite important or things won’t work. Add a new page and change the template style to Profit Builder Fill Width Page…. now click “Publish”.

Once you have done that click “Profit Builder” at the top right then click “Edit Page”.

build and design a email form page


Once you’re on the page you will need to upload a template you installed.

By clicking on the folder looking icon on the left, you can load up a template that you would like to use.

load template


This will load up the template and you can start editing things. I’m actually not going to go into detail with customizing for a few reasons.

  • It’s super easy to figure out.
  • All you really need to do is tweak a few things on the template like headers and text etc.
  • I will show you one of my pages and you will see how simple it is.
  • I have a video that shows you have to do everything step by step :).



Here is an example of one that I use, Why does it work?

  • It’s simple with no distractions
  • Super fast to tweak if I need to tweak for conversions
  • Not complex and confusing
  • Straight to the point
  • High converting over 50% most of the time
  • Designed to collect maximum emails

If you want more complex pages then you can do that if you like, WP Profit Builder isn’t just for simple landing pages and lead capture pages.

easy to make email optin pages


Setting Up Your Email Service For The Lead Page.

This is the part where a lot of people seem to have trouble so I want to cover this.

You need to integrate some sort of email service into the page to collect the emails. I use Get response.

Whatever one you use you need to make a standard web form on the service then copy the HTML code into your squeeze page.

To do this you want to edit the “Get Instant Access” (you might have different text) then add the HTML code to the top right box.

adding an e-mail list to your website



Now when someone signs up on your amazing squeeze page they will be added to your email list. Once you build landing pages that convert you will want to keep optimizing for maximum conversion rates.

I’m actually interested in another software and was reading the reviews about it. Wp Profit Builder is better in terms of pricing.


Final Words

I haven’t gone into a crazy amount of detail in this article because I have a video that will explain everything but I do get questions asking me how to make a squeeze page so I wanted to cover this topic.

When making a squeeze page the trick is to not over think it and make them as quick as you can with a good WordPress landing page creator.

The thing is you will spend more time tweaking them than actually making them so it’s best to create a few quick pages and tweak them as needed. I can show you how to set up a landing page but it really comes down to little tweaks that will optimize conversions.


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