Video Series: Importing From China Is Making People Rich

Alright, In my first video in the series I covered finding affiliates. Before I move on in the series I wanted to cover importing products.


Importers are making HUGE amounts of money. Including my girlfriend, although she’s not in the big leagues she makes $300-$500 a week importing from china.

For every video in this series, I’m going to write a brief article if you prefer to read.


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So, why would someone Import and resell when they could just sell affiliate products and never have to touch the product?

I prefer to make money using Youtube with affiliates myself, but Importing works really well for some people

Let’s look at some of the benefits of importing product from China.

  • Bigger margins, You can resell for whatever you want
  • You’re in control of everything
  • Branding, you can create your own products
  • Generally easier to market a physical product on sites like eBay and Amazon
  • No payment delays unlike some affiliate networks
  • Built it into a real life long term business
  • Not as competitive as the affiliate market


Analysing The Competition.

Before you look at importing a product you should analyze the competition and see what’s working.

What to look for.

  • How they market the product
  • How they use call to actions
  • Find out what sells best for them
  • Find out where they get the products by doing google searches.
  • See how much feedback they have. This gives you an idea on how much they’re selling.
  • Check the negative feedback to see if the products have any issues.


This is an example of the perfect sales page. I would either have to beat this or use the same technique on a different product.

Notice how he mentions his brand?

He puts a sense of urgency by adding things like “limited Stock” ” Be Quick”.

He adds free stuff worth $x,xx. After I did some digging I found out all that stuff comes free with the kart always.

He has a great picture and gives away an android worth about $30 from China.

This guy has an audience and he’s hitting them with all the info they need to make a sale.


Importing products

By looking at the feedback, this guy has sold over 750 karts at a profit of about $700… That’s over $500,000. Only about 70-80% of people leave feedback so imagine the money he’s really made.

He gets the karts for $399, but I would suspect even cheaper if he gets them in bulk. I worked out his profit to be around $600-700 after taxes and shipping cost. He sells them for $1200-1400 depending on the model.

These are just estimates, either way, he is making serious money because he found a niche and now dominates it.

Let’s look at one more example. This girl sells water bottles on Instagram.


See how powerful that is? Makes you want that water bottle right? She made a simple $1 water bottle from China into a $30 health water bottle that I really want.

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How To Find Products To Import From China.

Now here comes the fun part, finding a product.

I would suggest using these websites


First, you have to think about the budget you have. If you don’t have much to spend find cheap products and sell them for a small markup.

You could sell

  • iPhone Cases
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Clothing
  • Cheap Phones

Anything really, something you can buy cheap and sell for a small profit to get you started.

Ultimately, in the end, you want to find products in the $200-$400 range that have a high demand and you can sell them for $1,000+. I would only suggest this to someone who has a plan in place with a decent budget.

Sign up to newsletters from the sites above so you get trending products sent to you.

On the topic of trending, you need to decide if the product you want to sell has a long life span or will it die off in a few months.

You could easily buy tending products, sell them for a few weeks and cash in. I would rather find something I can build a business on, something long term.


Paying Taxes and Avoiding Fakes

Stay away from fakes!


It can get you arrested. I know in my country they stop fakes at the border all the time and track down the importers.

How can you tell things are fake? Usually, a brand name that’s super cheap is a good indication. Most products from the sites above have their own Chinese brands or you can add your own logos etc to the products. Stick with the gold sellers and you will be fine.

The 2 American sites I mentioned sell legit clothing brands, they don’t sell fakes.

You might need to pay import taxes for anything you bring into the country. I would suggest ringing your Customs Service to find out more.


Paying For Items When Importing From China

Paying for the items on the websites listed above is quite easy. On the Chinese site, e-mail them asking for a quote. If you agree with the quote they will send you an invoice then you simply pay via Pay Pal. They might have some other options that would work for you better, let them know and they will supply you with a list of payment methods.


Final Words

I believe anything can be sold online, it’s how you market it that will get you the real sales. Drop shipping products with Shopify is getting big now so you can make a lot of money with it. I even know a guy who made over 100k doing this with Shopify and I did an interview with him.

Although this blog is mainly about affiliate marketing I wanted to look into importing because I feel it has a lot of potential. I’ve seen the numbers and people are making a decent living this way.

There are many angles you can take while trying to sell imported products that come from China. Find a good long last product and study the competition. Market the product well and you should see sales starting to roll in.

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