How To Find Affiliate Networks and Offers.

Having trouble finding affiliate networks?

I decided to do a video series that will take you through setting yourself up to sell affiliates and make money.

I’ve been getting a flood of questions regarding the topics that will be covered in this series.


What I ‘m Going To Cover In The Series

  • Finding affiliate networks and offers
  • Importing items and selling on Amazon
  • Keyword research
  • Building a converting affiliate website
  • Traffic and SEO
  • Maintenance


(used to be a full video here about this but got deleted)


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Offervault and oDigger

These websites have a great list of CPA offers that can generate some good money.

I would personally go with the higher CPA offers of $25+. Harder to rank for and more competition but you don’t need as much traffic to get results. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to keyword research

What to promote depends on what you’re trying to achieve. CPA might no be something you are looking to promote but there are lots of other options.

If it’s CPA you want to promote then Offervault and oDigger are what you need. Keep in mind that some networks are difficult to get accepted into.


Market Health

Market Health is another good CPA affiliate network, it’s very easy to get into. I would suggest starting here if you want to start doing high payout CPAs.

I have heard that sometimes they don’t pay on time, but this is common with some affiliates.



GOLD MINE! Forums are always full of affiliate managers advertising networks. Make sure you do some research on the networks and see what others are saying.

Scrolling through Luxury and Money forums is how I find most of my affiliates

My favorites for CPA.



ShareASale is one that my friend is using a lot for his coupon website. I haven’t used this one myself, I’ve had a look and it looks like they have some good stuff.

Once again you would need to enter an affiliate plan. This one is a little hard to sign up with.


ClickBank and JVzoo

A very common place to find what you need. You can find almost anything niche related to sell at these websites.

ClickBank and JVzoo are more general when it comes to affiliates. They list all sorts of things.



Final Words

So those are the places I visit for affiliates, I’ve thrown a couple in there that I don’t really use but I hear good things about them.

In this video series, I’ll cover everything you need from start to finish.



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