Build a Quality Backlink Profile Without Spending a Dime (Yip! 100% Free)

Let’s look at strong natural backlinks.

I want to cover a more natural backlinking method.

I’ve shown you the SEO method that I use to rank my niche websites but it’s somewhat blackhat.

Blackhat isn’t a bad thing, sure you can get penalties but if done right you don’t have to worry about that. Not to mention blackhat is anything that isn’t natural.

We’re all guilty of some sort of blackhat technique.

This is how you can get niche related high quality links.


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What’s a natural backlink? Why is it so damn hard?

If you run some sort of blog or authority site and keep consistent you will get natural backlinks over time so it’s usually not very hard in the long run.

It’s a different story if you’re setting up a small niche website.

A natural backlink is when someone links back to you without you building up that link or creating that link yourself. Like a web 2.0 for example.

Despite what others say this is going to be hard for a niche site.


Anyone else in that niche is most likely competition, especially if you’re starting a new blog.

They will never link back to you, they don’t want to pass on the link juice.

The trick is to find websites that will link back.


How to Get a Strong Niche Related Backlink

I did mention it was hard, however with a little work it doesn’t have to be.

This is actually a pretty cool way of doing things.

This is a website page I made then never got around to finishing it, let’s use it as an example.

how to get free backlinks


I’m going to use a website called Drop My Link, It’s a free site where you can search for link prospects on Google.

This site has all sorts of functions, however for this tutorial we are going to concentrate on getting niche related natural backlinks.

best way to find natural backlinks


Use the settings I’ve put with your keyword and click “search”.

This is how you find link pages.

A link page is a website that has a page with useful links on it related to their website.

Just like this.

how to get to the top og Google


Even though the adsence website I’m building links for is about T-ball I’ve gone with Baseball since it’s more popular.

Now, you want to gather some websites, I would go with 10. It doesn’t matter what page of Google the sites are on, we just want some link juice.

I have 2 ways that I approach this.

I ask for a link back or I find a dead link and suggest my website.


Ask Them For Some of That Link Juice

You will have to get some emails done for this so take a seat and give yourself 30 minutes or so to do this.

Most link pages will have some form of contact on them asking you to contact them if you want to suggest a link, If not just search the site for a way to contact them.

When it comes to the e-mail I find there is no guideline that will get you the best results, just do what you think is best. If they don’t want to link back they won’t, simple as that.

Example, of something I might send.



Now some might say this is a bit vague and sure it could be, either way it works and I’m just trying to get links.

I haven’t indicated that I know about any link page so I seem more genuine.  You can let me know that you found the link page if you like.

You don’t have to tell them it’s your website either, you can just say you found it and it seems like a good fit for them. This is basically a situation of trial and error.


Bringing Links Back From The Dead

This might require I bit more digging but generally has a better success rate.

We’re going to give the website owners the opportunity to revive dead links. You will need a web browser extension like Check My Link.

All you need to do is go to the link page and use the extension to find a dead link just like this.

seo for google


Now my website is about T-ball, when it comes to dead links you need to be a little more specific because you will be replacing a link.

Find something that’s really related to your link. So, for the image above if I had an article on my T-ball site about some baseball news I could offer a link to that page.

Everything works the same, find a way of contacting them and offer your link.




These are natural backlinks because you haven’t build it yourself. In Google eyes, it looks like a legit niche related website has linked back to you because that’s what we did.

You don’t need to spend hours writing a compelling email, honestly if they want to link back to you they will and if they don’t they won’t. It’s that simple.

Let’s say you send out 10 emails and know one links back to you, just keep trying.

If one person links back then job well done, if more link back then a job very well done.


Are These Links Really That Strong?

Yes, these are niche related and specific.

You don’t need as many to get some link juice going. You could get 3 links from a few good sites and that could be enough to rank you.

The links are long-term as long as your website is up and running, They don’t become dead like some blackhat methods.

You could even make a link page on your website and do link swaps as long as it’s not with the competition. This is an old school trick.


Final words

I say building backlinks is hard because it really is if you don’t know where to start, especially for niche websites.

This is one way that can really boost your link profile without spending money and time on other methods.

You don’t have to use link pages, you can use Drop My Link to find other backlinks.

If you spent an hour or so a day sending out some e-mails you’re bound to get some sort of link back. Even if it’s one link out of 20 emails it’s still a strong link.

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