How To Create A High Converting Adsense Website In 30 Minutes.

So, you’re looking to make some money online? I’m going to show you one of the easiest ways to do it.

Setting up my new website took me 30 minutes. Once I had my articles ready I was set to get things rolling.

With the combination of a good niche, Adsense and even a cheap Clickbank ebook thrown in, you will be surprised at how much these quick and easy websites make.

If you combine this with my secret SEO sauce it becomes a deadly Adsense ranking weapon.

These sites are so simple and high converting that your competitors will be drooling over it.

Let’s get started.


What You Need For Adsense Domination

  • Hosting and Domain
  • A nice WordPress theme
  • Articles
  • Adsense account
  • Images

Get Some Hosting And a REAL Domain.

One thing you need is a real domain. Domains like just simply don’t work, save it for the link building.

Now you need a sweet hosting package. I use Bluehost, It’s $3.95 a month so I can’t complain about that.

Want to know the best part?

You get a free domain, so no messing around with weak and unappealing domains like mentioned above.

Once at Bluehost I suggest using the starter plan to begin with.


How to make-a-website


Once selected you want to choose your free domain. You want an easy to read domain, it doesn’t need to be the keyword. We’re going to be doing SEO on the inner pages so an exact match domain isn’t needed. Still keep it related.

How to create a website


After you’ve gone through the payment section you want to login to the cPanel (emailed to you). Scroll down and find “Install WordPress” Click it and watch the magic happen.



Now click Credentials.



This part is very Important. Save the credentials because you need them to login. You can change them in the settings sections once logged into WordPress.

Now go to and login.

how to build a converting website


You’re now on the way to creating a kickass high converting Adsense website.

This would be a good time to install some basic plugins. This is what I currently have installed, keep it simple and don’t overload on plugins.

You also need to go to Settings > Permalinks and change it to what I have in the image below.

best wordpress plugins

Seo for website


Finding a Clean Theme

This could make or break your Adsense website. The aim for this site is to have all focus on the adverts. You want a clean theme with no clutter. I’m taking VERY basic.

I use a free theme called “Great” from My Theme Shop for the website I’m about to show you.

Install the theme by going to Settings > Themes > upload theme. upload the zip file you downloaded.

Most themes come with a bunch of clutter in the sidebar, get rid of all that for now.


Building The Beast

Now it’s time to start creating the website.

Go to the post section and “Add New”. This is where you will add your articles to the website. I only add 3 to start off with, I want to make sure I can rank it first before adding more.

Set a featured image for all articles and make them look appealing. Since the sites basic we need something to make it look half decent.

You should have something like this. (hopefully with better spelling than me haha)

Making a clickbank website


In the sidebar, you only want the “Recent Post” widget and your Adsense advert. For more income, you can add a Clickbank product like I have above the Google advert.

You will also notice I have no dates on the post, get rid of them ASAP. People tend to click out off a website with old content, without a date it looks updated.

This has increased CTR dramatically on one of my students websites.

For this theme go to Great > Styles Editor > Custom.css and paste this code to delete the date.

.post-date {
display: none;


All Focus On The Articles

Since I’m building links for each article for the specific keyword most of the traffic will be landing on the article first.

This means that the articles need to be Adsense optimized for maximum click through rates.

Download a plugin called “WP Simple Adsense Insertion” and install it.

Go to Settings > Adsense Insertion and paste in your Absence code. You will then have a short code on the left.

Now you just paste that twice in your articles with a custom size banner.

To add adverts to the side bar download a plugin called “Enhance Text” then add it to the sidebar with the code.


how can i make money with Adsense


Adding The Special Ingredients

So now what?

Now that you have a simple and effective site you need to do some SEO.

You should have done some keyword research already so now would be a good time to optimize the pages for each keyword.

Now for the secret ingredients.

To rank a website like this you could use my backlinking method. It’s basically designed for nice easy simple websites.

Go for easy keywords.

For the site above I have 3 keywords that I’m going to “test rank”. That’s when I test the rankings first to make sure I can rank and I’m not wasting my time.

  • KW 1 – 700 searches per month
  • KW 2 – 700 searches per month
  • KW 2 – 580 searches per month

Total searches 1,980, now that’s not a lot, but it starts to become a lot if you succeed with the test rank.

I’ll end up with around 8 articles total and should be something like 7000 total searches a month.

You want to build backlinks to the articles for now. Just like this.


Build links to those URLs and it’s all uphill from here on out. If you have an easy niche and some backlinks you should see it skyrocket at a decent speed.

Alternative is to use the silo structure by linking the pages and sending the link juice to the home page. This then spreads it out to the other pages if it’s been siloed correctly.

This is more of an advanced technique so for this site I’ll be sending link juice to each page. Either way it’s still a good idea to link pages with interlinking.


Show Me The Money

Since this site is designed to make money.

How much can you make?

I’ve done some calculations based off some of my old sites and my students current sites.

Based off a CPC of around $1.30 my site above will make around $220-280 a month.

Now if you add a Clickbank item you can expect to triple that with ease, if you rank high for a good total amount of searches.

These numbers aren’t groundbreaking but imagine if you ranked 10 little sites like this? That’s full-on passive income every month!

I have heard of people growing sites like this bigger, targeting more keywords and making up to $150 a day now. For this you would need a decent niche with lot’s of good keywords.


Final Words

Well, there you have it. You can build a dead simple site that converts once you bring in traffic.

Having 1 or 2 sites isn’t a huge money maker but if you get the first site ranking, it will become your new addiction…. trust me on that one.

Imagine if you started to build up huge numbers? I’m talking 30+ little sites that rank.

Why not 100?

Large amounts of money to be made if it’s upscaled to more sites.

Time for me to go put some work in and get this little sucker ranked. No doubt I’ll be back with the results.




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