How To Get Cheap $3 PBN Articles In 24 hours With iWriter

I’ve spent most of November building private blog networks, about 1-3 domains a day so I needed a lot of articles. Wait It’s December now? Christmas came super quick this year!

A few of my micro niche sites are sitting on the second page for quite a few keywords so it was time to get them moving.

I had two major problems.

I don’t want to sit around all day writing random articles for my private blog networks.

My next problem is waiting for my writer from Elance, he would usually take up to 6 days and it wasn’t cheap. I needed a better solution!

I dropped everything then concentrated on PBNs for most of November, I needed to do it quick because I had a lot to get through.

To fix my article problem I started using iWriter.

What a difference it made!


So How Does iWriter Work?

It’s a website where you can request all types of articles from different writers with different ratings.

What I like about it is you usually get the article done and completed in 24 hours.

Once the article is done you can either approve it or reject it and wait for another one.

What’s the quality like?

Well for a $3 article it will be ok, not the best but sometimes you do get great ones. I just fix the articles up myself and it takes about 2-5 minutes to do that if I’m looking for content for my blogs.

You can of course, go for super quality articles but expect to pay $5 or more for them.


How To Get The ball Rolling

First thing you need to do is start an account with iWriter. Very straight forward.

There are 2 ways you can approach this. The lazy way or the aggressive way.

I’m going to cover the lazy way first since this is what I usually do. Once signed in you want to click on “Get Content”

how to get cheap articles on iwriter


The next steps are quite important but I will leave out categories and titles since those are simple to do.

Choose 500 words or however many words you want. I do 400-500, the writers will usually go over by about 50 words anyway. Then hit “basic” that’s all we need.

With the keyword’s each 1 represents an article. For this one I want 2 articles so the red arrow is one article and the blue one would be my second article.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use keywords in the keyword section. You can use article titles, make sure you mention that they are titles to the writers.

What makes iWriter so convenient to me is that’s it’s so easy. If I wanted to I could list 20 articles and they would be done in 24 hours most of the time.


writing cheap articles

Now these are my lazy instructions. Quick and easy

finding private blog articles on iwriter

You will get average iWriter articles with those instructions but that’s all I need.

What if you want better articles?

It’s time to get more aggressive with your approach. I call it aggressive because that’s just how I am, you don’t need to be as specific as I get.

This is what I do.

How to write articles

So what’s the difference?

The lazy approach will get you fast articles and the aggressive approach will get you quality articles but take a little longer.

Right now this is how I’m churning out PBN after PBN. The next problem is finding good expired domains but I’ll leave that for another day.

To go back and review the articles click view in the left sidebar on your home page.

best place to get articles writen


What Else Can We Use These Articles For?

I love iWriter because you have full control over what you get. You can use it for anything including micro niche website articles.

If I wanted to I could ask to get 6 articles written for a website I’m working on and they would be done in 24 hours. That would be enough articles to start an Amazon Store on Micro Niche Site.

You can use them for guest posting!

Guest posting is a huge factor in backlinking, well the backlinks are anyway. Let’s say for example I have a website in the health niche and I wanted some killer backlinks.

All I would need to do is head over to iWriter and ask for some authority articles. When I have a bunch I would simply submit them to niche related blogs for guest posting.

Easy right?

Imagine having an arsenal of articles ready to go. I have about 30 different niche articles in a folder just waiting to be submitted for guest posting.

I just collect 1 or 2 per day and save them up for my guest posting when I get around to doing it.

If you do end up using them for guest posting you will have to go through and check all the article as they need to be high quality. The average cheap article just won’t cut it.

Are these article good enough for SEO? Absolutely!

Most of my websites now apart from this blog have content from iWriter and they move up the ranks without any issues.

Head over to and start collecting some articles for backlinking, saves a lot of time.


Final Words

The good thing about this is getting unique articles fast, this is perfect for any type of link building.

This really does save a lot of hard work. Sometimes the articles might be bad quality however it doesn’t take long to edit things and make it right. You can always reject it if you don’t like it anyway.

I actually get quite a few people asking me how they can make a little bit of money online. You could get articles from these guys then resell them on places like Fiverr and Source Market.

I also wanted to point out a couple more things when It comes to content for PBNs. The content and articles don’t have to look perfect, this is backlinking. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get the iWriter articles perfect.

Obviously, a great article is best but don’t stress if it’s not perfect.

If you use Elance or any other content writing service then I suggest leaving it behind. iWriter is the way to go. It lets you have full control and it’s simply just easy to do.

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