How To Find Content Writers That Don’t Suck & Make You Money.

This is one thing I hate doing, writing content I know nothing about. With this blog, I don’t mind writing because I know what I’m writing about but with my niche sites, I have no idea.

One of my latest websites is about Sports Drills and I simply have no idea how to write about it. I would have to research and it takes time.

So how do I get things flowing in a nice smooth way?

I hire and train someone to do the work for me. Training them pretty much has to be done because I want that person to do the best job possible.

Combine my SEO hack with a good writer and some awesome articles for a deadly combination.


What We Need When Finding Professional Content Writers

  • A website to find a writer
  • Skype for communication
  • Info to send to them
  • Paypal account for payment
  • Some time to get some training in


How To Find The Perfect Writer For You

The reason I’m writing this article is because some of my followers seem to have trouble finding a writer who actually knows what they are doing.

Trust me I know that feeling, I had no idea what to look for and wasted countless hours on useless writers.

We want to find someone who is cheap and available whenever we need something.

Where can we find these little hidden gems?

Elance and Black Hat World

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Finding a Writer On Elance

I’m going to start with Elance first because this is where I found my first loyal writer who is still with me today. He does 80% of my work.

The first step is to visit Elance, sign up and start an advert to hire someone.

I’m not going to go through setting up an advert because to be honest everyone has a different goal on what they want. I’ll briefly go over what I would do.

You need a title, something like “Looking for long term SEO optimized article writer”.

For the description, I wouldn’t really go into much detail with this. Just some brief information and what you’re willing to pay.  You’re going to have to train them up anyway so no point in wasting time writing detailed descriptions.

Do ask for samples though. Ask them to send you previous work so you get an idea of what they’re about.

You can change the location and I suggest doing this. Change it to a country like India, Indonesia, Philippines.

How to find content writers

You don’t want to waste time advertising in Canada or America because you don’t need to be paying someone $50 an hour to write a shitty 500 word article.

Now let’s talk money, How much should you pay them?

Set the payment to under $10 an hour. This doesn’t really matter because you might have to do some negotiations anyway.


How To Find a Bargain That Works In Your Favor

Now it times to work some magic. First thing I want to tell you is screw the hourly rates, we want to stay away from this kind of stuff.

Why would we do that?

Well, when writing an SEO optimized article a lot of research goes into it. We don’t want them building up a big bill with all the research they usually do.

Once you find 2-4 candidates hit them with an offer of pay per article. This means you pay them per article no matter how many hours they spend on it. This also weeds out the slack ones who like to throw on extra hours.

Right now I’m paying $4-7 per 500 words. The price depends on who I use at the time, this is insanely cheap.


Using Black Hat World For Writers

I might be paranoid but I don’t like using the same writer all the time, I like to mix up the writing styles to keep Google happy.

Using Black Hat World is a bit different, I usually just find a writing service and get what I’m given.

I’m not looking for anything long term here just diversity in my articles. You can use Elance for this and have 2 or 3 writers ready at your disposal instead of using Black Hat World.

Anyhow, this is the service I’ve been using. Keyboard Warriors.


Start Training The Writer

This is the most important part, chances are if you found a writer on Elance for long term use you need to get them used to how you work.

Don’t be afraid to tell them how it is, you’re the boss.

With my main writer, we had some arguments at the start because he wouldn’t write the way I wanted him to. Now he’s my number 1.

You need to remember these guys have no idea what they are writing about either so you will need to help them at the start.

Now send them some info to get started on your first articles.

This is what a buddy of mine sent to his writer last night.

how to outsource writers

If you need help with doing keyword research you can check out my video on Keyword Research for Adsense.

Notice he asked to get LSI keywords included as well? This is very important. To do this use Lsi Graph throw in the keyword and it will spit some out for you.

You can also mention keyword density but let’s be honest, Google doesn’t care so much about that anymore. As long as it’s mentioned a few times. I go for 3-4 times per 600 words.

Now, you might be lucky and get some great articles. Have a good read through and if everything checks out then you have just found yourself a great writer.

More often than not the first article won’t be up to scratch and this is because most of them really don’t know how to do SEO optimized articles. Check that the keyword has been used and the LSI keywords.

If you aren’t happy with the article let them know and work with them to get it better. This saves times looking for a new writer.

Anyone can write an SEO optimized article and these writers have been doing that. Problem is the people they do it for never really check them or correct them.

ALWAYS Check for duplicate content, you can use some of my suggested Copyscape tools.


The Beauty of a Long Term Writer

Now that you have a writer you’re set. You simply get them to do the work, they will send you a time sheet and you pay them via Paypal.

The best part is you can contact them any time to get an article done.

Last week I got my writer to do something for me and I haven’t spoken to him in 3 weeks, he had my articles done in 24 hours.

Once you have them all trained up they know what you want, need and how you work. This makes things easier for both of you.

Don’t pressure them, the writer will get the article done even if it takes 3 days just let him do his thing.


Final Words

If you really want to make money with niche sites you either need to write the article yourself or pay someone a low fee. Even writing them yourself can take hours with the research involved.

Get on the band wagon and find yourself a writer that you can build a good friendship with. You could literally not talk to the person for weeks then randomly send then some info and you will have articles in no time.

Seriously, this is a must if you build any type of niche site. I don’t recommend hiring someone if you have a good blog or something but for niche money makers it’s perfect. In the long run, a writer is going to make you lots of profit.



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