How To Use Cheap Fiverr Backlinks

As I sit here with my nice crisp beer going through my e-mails after a wicked long holiday I can’t help but notice a pattern.

“Whats the best backlinks to use at the cheapest price”

This question is so common. There seems to be some confusion around this, especially with Fiverr.

Let’s look at the two issues here.

First, some people have an expectation that a $5 gig on Fiverr can rank their website. This isn’t really our fault since the people selling those gigs tell you that.

Next, we have the so called pros telling people that Fiverr is useless and it’s all about PBNs (Private Blog Networks). Those guys are fools and their lack of diversity will soon kill what they have worked hard for.

I’m going to show you what kind of links I use Fiverr to diversify my backlinks then push ranks with stronger links.

This is tested over and over again working every time like a charm.

Here are some results of a recent campaign I’m doing. I used Fiverr, The expired web 2.0 method and Hatred’s PBN links (more on that soon)

best website ranking method

All of this done in just under 2 months and Fiverr played a big part in it. I will have a full case study on this soon.


A Mistake I See All Too Often

Skimping on the cash flow when it comes to SEO, If you want to rank you need time and money.

I understand some people have a budget if that’s the case you should structure your website ranking campaign in a way that you get the most out of it.

Have a plan in place before you start throwing money away on SEO.

There is no cheap way of doing things unless you want to rank naturally but we’re talking about affiliate websites, Everything is usually black hat with this type of stuff.

The next mistake is taking advice from the private blog network preachers. The ones who say that PBNs are everything and that’s all you should use.

Sure I use PBNs however, I use them correctly for pushing ranks…. not for diversity.


Why Fiverr Is Awesome

I can hear them now “Fiverr is awesome? What’s this guy smoking?”

The fact of the matter is when it comes to SEO, backlinks and keyword diversity is important and so important in fact I’ve seen so many sites tank from the lack of it.

This is the layout of my backlink campaigns

  • Cheap Fiverr links for backlink diversity (naked URLs and brand names)
  • Expired and juiced web 2.0s (keyword variations and some exact keywords)
  • Private blog network links (Exact keywords to push ranks)

It comes down to priming the site ready for PBN links and not just abusing PBN links right from the start. The point is most Fiverr links should be used for diversity and not website ranking expectations.

Good old Fiverr is awesome because I can pay someone $5 to do my backlink diversity for me, it would take me hours and hours otherwise.


What I Use For My Diversity

Let’s have a rundown of what I use from Fiverr, I don’t always do the same because I do a lot of testing bit this is a general idea.


Profile Links

These are just good old cheap links and quite a few of them won’t even index. The ones that do index though are great for diversity.

I only use naked URL, brand name and general stuff “click here” backlinks.

You can find the gig here


Document Sharing Links

For this, you will need to provide an article with a link in it to the page you are trying to rank.

I use cheap articles from iwriter then send them off for submission and use naked URLs for the backlinks.


Audio Sharing Links

The same thing as above really, make up a quick audio track then send it off for submission

I use naked URL or brand name backlinks.

You can find the gig I use here


Infographic Submission Links

Find yourself a cheap infographic creator to make you an infographic to submit.

Once this is done find someone who will submit it to image and infographic sites for you.

I use naked URL or brand name backlinks.

This is a new one I’ve used recently


Video Submission Links

Find a good video creation software so you can make some videos ready for submission. Once done send it off for submission and use naked URLs for the backlinks.

This is the gig I use


As you can see I’m just using basic links to get my site ready for the real juice. You can use other links as well like blog comments, those above are just some of the gigs I use.

This is who I use quite often

ranking websites online


Get That Website Ranking.

At this point you should have an understanding on what Fiverr backlinks are really used for, it’s definitely not for pushing ranks unless of course you find someone with strong links.

This would be unlikely though, Stong links for $5?….

The real power is going to come from expired or juiced up web 2.0s and private blog network links.

I mentioned above about people just using Private blog network links for ranking websites but I’m talking about using them correctly. They are not designed for diversity, they should be used for using exact match keyword anchors.

Then we have the web 2.0s and I use them for keyword variations most of the time.

So how do you actually get websites ranked?

Prime your websites up with cheap Fiverr links for diversity then hit it with the good stuff.

Once you have your site ready you can hit it with quite a bit of power without it falling off Google.

I see it time and time again, new websites getting hit with exact match PBN links right away then falling off the search results.

Then they ask why their websites tanked….. They are simply getting fed misinformation.


How I use PBNs

Once my page is primed up and ready to push serious ranks only then will I use private blog network links.

I do 2 things…..

I use my own or if I don’t have time I buy them from Hatred on Source Market.

Yes Source Market, hate it or love it you can find some decent PBN sellers. Also joining Facebook groups to find sellers is good.

Always think about who you are using for PBN links because most sellers have no idea what they are doing, I’ve found some networks and they are bad. The fact that I even found them is a giveaway that they have no idea what they are doing.

Remeber PBN stands for Private Blog Network, not Public Blog Network, the real sellers will never reveal their network.

Anyhow, right now Hatred has the best links around and I know some of you have tried them already.

His stuff just works and the results at the beginning of this article show you just that.

I use his links or my own to push ranks and that’s it, straight exact keywords. If you use PBN’s for branding and things of that nature you are wasting money and time.

Keep in mind that if you do use Hatred he’s very professional and won’t do any orders that involve people trying to use his service for diversity. He is strictly rank pushing.


Final Words

This is a topic that comes up quite a bit in my e-mails. Everyone wants cheap links and maximum results but that’s not really how it works.

It’s about thinking smart and playing Googles game.

The aim is to use Fiverr or any other site like it for that matter to get your website ready for the big push.

Smash it with cheap links for diversity then hit it with the strong stuff for pushing it to where you want to be.

Don’t throw Fiverr away when it comes to website ranking just yet, people might tell you it’s useless for SEO but that’s because they don’t know how to use it correctly.

This is how I use it and it seems to work well. After all the testing I’ve done this is a great combination.

Before I sign off I want to say good luck to the ones who take action and work hard to get those ranks! It’s very addictive and rewarding once you achieve the ranks you want.

Remember to pop a bottle of the finest when you achieve your goals. See ya in the next post.

when you get the website ranks you want



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