ClickFunnels vs GetResponse: The Automated Marketing Showdown

Is ClickFunnels or GetResponse the better automated email marketing tool?

It’s a little more complicated than it sounds, which one is better for you will definitely depend on your experience level, your needs, and, of course, your budget.

We’ll ask some questions and provide answers that may help you determine which is right for you and try to give a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of each platform.

What Are These Platforms Designed to Do?

ClickFunnels is a website building platform that allows you to build and manage a sales funnel website that converts site visitors into sales.

You simply choose a sales funnel template (or templates), pick out a design, change the copy and images in each page so that the site says what you need it to say, and you’re good to go.

There are several pre-built marketing elements that you can simply drag and drop into the spaces on your page to create sales funnel pages that are totally customized to your business.

GetResponse was once a simple, straightforward email marketing platform.

Now, on top of the email marketing platform, they were initially known for GetResponse lets you build landing pages, create webinars, and take care of all your marketing automation needs.

With each of these sites combined toolkits, they are both comprehensive internet marketing platforms.

While the wording used by these companies to describe their services is very different, the intention of both is relatively similar.

Helping you with analyzing marketing tactics for your business online without requiring an entire IT department to keep up with it all.

ClickFunnels Vs GetResponse: Comparing Features

Let’s take a look at the features that both of these companies have to offer in a side-by-side chart so you can compare them a little easier.

Note that neither of these lists is a complete representation of the features these sites offer.

The list can give you an idea of some of the things that both of them have to offer.

ClickFunnels Features

  • A/B Split Testing
  • Amazing Funnel Templates 
  • Email Intigration
  • check
    Custom Order Pages
  • check
    Upsell Downsell Pages
  • check
    Share Templates With Friends
  • check
    Integration With Tons of Tools
  • check
    Actionetics Autoresponder
  • check
    BackPack Affiliate Program
  • check
    Shopping Cart
  • check
    Free Trial

GetResponse Features

  • Advance Analytics
  • Autoresponder 
  • CRM
  • check
    Run Webinars
  • check
    Mobile App Workplace
  • check
    Landing Page Templates
  • check
    Email Automation
  • check
    Survey Creation
  • check
    List Builder Apps
  • check
  • check
    Free Trial

Are Both Intended for All Sizes of Businesses?

Yes, both platforms are intended for use with all sizes of businesses.

However, it’s important to note that one of these is much more scalable for small businesses.

ClickFunnels provides different sizes plans, but their plans start much higher than GetResponse’s.

The smallest ClickFunnels plan available will cost you $97 per month. For larger businesses, that will be easy to make that larger monthly fee worth your while. 

GetResponse offers several different package sizes, the smallest of which starts at just $15 and only includes limited access to the features they offer, including email marketing, auto responders, basic landing pages, workflows, and tags.

How Tech Savvy Are You?

ClickFunnels is aimed mostly at people without a lot of tech experience.

I’ve done a ClickFunnels review before that outlines the features that come with the program.

Even people inexperienced in coding and website design are able to use the sales funnel templates they offer to build a comprehensive, customized sales funnel, including email marketing.

GetResponse also offers something to users who aren’t so tech savvy, but some have complained that it’s difficult to edit some of the pages, requiring users to start all over if they need to change a feature or the design of the page.

What Will Each Platform Cost?

Both platforms have different plans you can choose from.

The plan that’s right for you will depend on the size of your business and the volume of subscribers and website visitors you receive each month.

ClickFunnels offers two different packages.

 The Startup package, which will cost you $97 per month, and the Enterprise package, which costs $297 per month.

The Startup package will let you build 100 pages, use 20 funnels, gives you 3 custom domains, and host up to 20,000 unique visitors.

The Enterprise package will let you build 300 pages, use 70 funnels, gives you 20 custom domains, and will let you host up to 100,000 unique visitors.

GetResponse offers a wider variety of packages, giving customers their pick of four different options.

The Email package starting at $15 per month, the Pro package starting at $49 per month, the Max package starting at $165 per month, and the Enterprise package starting at $1199 per month.

Each of these packages contains different levels of features and you can bump up the number of subscribers on your list as you grow rather than upping your package to include features you won’t use.

You can also get a pretty hefty 18% discount on their services by paying for the whole year in advance, or a 30% discount for paying two years in advance.

Determining which of these companies would be the better value would have to be based on what features you will actually use, how much traffic your site gets, and how many subscribers you’re keeping up with.

For the average small business looking to only do email management, GetResponse’s Pro package is probably the best value.

What Will Each Platform Cost?

While both ClickFunnels and GetResponse have decent satisfaction rates, it seems that uses appreciated GetResponse’s customer service efforts more than ClickFunnels. 

ClickFunnels does offer help over the phone, whereas GetResponse does not. If you prefer to talk it out when you have a problem, this might be something you want to consider.

Both companies offer training and web support that can help you keep your site up and running smoothly.

Do You Need to Work From a Mobile Platform?

It’s important to note that ClickFunnels is not available on mobile platforms like iPhone, iPad, or Android platforms.

GetResponse can be on all those mobile platforms.

This isn’t really a huge concern for many.

Final Words

If you just want to collect emails an build an email list then go to GetResponse.

If you want an all in one business solution go with ClickFunnels.

Since they both have a trial I would suggest trying them both out and reviewing them yourself.

Doing this will let you decide what one is right for you.

My choice overall is going to be ClickFunnels since you can do a lot more with it.

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