How I Made My First $1000 Of Passive Income Online In 60 Days!

Having followed Franklin for some time, and having sold a simple 1 month old Shopify Store (with no sales) for $500 that was established using his methods, I knew that making an income online was possible if.

  1. You follow a proven strategy
  2. You just get started and take action
  3. You committed and stick to the process.

Being a subscriber of Franklin’s YouTube Channel has many benefits, one of which is that you are exposed to multiple profitable revenue streams.

One of which caught my attention, titled: Make Money Online With FREE WordPress & Wix Websites ($100 a Day Method)”.

Following the advice, I immediately purchased the required domain and 1 years hosting – for a total cost of $14. I installed WordPress and a clean them and made the necessary sign ups on the affiliate networks including Click bank, ClickFunnels, Amazon and JVZOO.

I requested to promote some products and having received the approval, immediately got to work on writing product reviews all based on the information provided on the vendor page.

So what has my site been able to achieve?

It has been 30 days since that decision and I’m standing at $900 profit.

Although this doesn’t sound like a lot, nor is it a life changing sum by a long shot, you have to consider the facts:

$900 profit and the majority of my posts are yet to rank in the top 5.

$900 profit with a website with low DA and low PA.

$900 profit without the majority of my backlinks even yet to be indexed and fire any juice.

2 Free product licenses (which retail each for $49.99)

I’m yet to fully implement a full Email Marketing campaign and strategy, but I’ve already built a list of 100 passionate subscribers.

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Let’s look at some stats from the last month:

As for the initial reception of Unrivaled Review, it has acquired 2082 visitors in just two months.

The current October totals are looking promising.

And it seems to be quality engaging traffic, that is clicking through and purchasing the affiliate offers, from multiple affiliate channels.

Taking A Look At The Income

That’s $600 all from one product using the Clickfunnels affiliate program!

These earnings are from JVZoo and there was no paid for advertising in the generation of these sales.

I also made $50 by being contacted directly to write a review.

What does a Review look like?

Regardless of the affiliate marketplace used, and the product being promoted, the process remains the same.

The Overall process: Research and locate the product, write a review, post to WordPress, build the SEO.

The Article Process: Outline the product, review its benefits and applications, and suggest who would benefit from it. The below examples show these three steps in action regardless of the affiliate marketplace

Example One – Direct Affiliate Offer: Udimi Review

Example Three – Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Power PDF Advanced 2 Review

Example Three – JVZOO Affiliate Marketing: Builderall Review

And as you’ll see, despite my focus bis on digital marketing products, I’ve even thrown a PDF software review in there because, according to some research, there is little competition on this keyword for ranking!

And I ensure that with the product I promote, I would actually benefit from and would like to buy myself i.e. the landing pages look good and the product looks like it would be of benefit.

In fact, in several cases, I’ve considered purchasing or will purchase in the near future! A prime example of that is my SumoMe Review, which is already a software I use (for free) and will need to purchase the premium license if Unrivaled Review continues to expand.

At the end of the day – you don’t want to be marketing shitty products, because, your reputation then suffers and the likelihood of repeat sales is all but over.

Answers from the Unrivaled Review Case Study

What got you into the $100 a day method?

As already mentioned, I tried Franklins Shopify method and benefited indirectly, selling my store instead of pursuing it. The reason for the sale was due to a poorly chosen dog jewellery niche, that provided little return in my early testing days. 

The reason for pursuing the $100 method was due to the low risk involved, and not needing to spend heavily to drive traffic. It was also simple to set up, and doesn’t require much attention beyond posting and building backlinks.

How much money did you spend doing adverts and what kind of CPC were you getting?

Total ad spend to date = $0. Sure, I could pursue and will pursue this in the future, but right now my focus seems to be on building the website as lean as possible and keeping my expenditure low.

How long did it take for your first affiliate sale?

I was fortunate and got a sale within 2 weeks; meaning that it gave me some extra motivation right at the start where work is high and the reward is low.

Have you received any questions or complaints?

I have no complaints to date; in fact, if a complaint was to arise it would most likely be with the product purchased. In this scenario, it would be easy to send the customer into the direction of the product vendor.

This is great because it takes away this kind of a hassle, which is likely to arise with other revenue opportunities like drop shipping.

What WordPress Plugins are you using?

Currently, I only use a handful of free plugins:

  • Compress JPEG & PNG images
  • Facebook Like Box
  • SumoMe
  • And W3 Total Cache

This keeps my site speed fast and user experience level optimized.

What would be your best advice for anyone entering the Affiliate Marketing game?

Be patient and be willing to learn. It takes time to build a site and to build a brand and your site identity. You want to look trustworthy and to do this you need a professional looking clean theme.

I’d also only recommend this to people who are willing and able to write several times per week. The more you write the better, particularly if you can post at least once a day in the beginning.

I would suggest you read as much as you can on SEO, and setting up a site that looks legit, and be sure to write in your own style.

Make sure to look at other affiliate websites and see: what products they are reviewing, how they are posting, and when they are posting. If you can monitor their backlinks, this would be even more effective.

If you can find a really targeted niche, with minimal competition, you could be setting up a Goldmine.

Final Words

So there it is, it’s possible to set up a simple WordPress site and start making an income in as little as 60 days

As always it comes down to perseverance and remaining committed.

I hope this case study provides you with some insight into what this revenue stream entails!

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