The Tools To Help You Succeed

Shopify eCom Websites & Hosting

When it comes to creating high converting beautiful ecom websites I use Shopify. Shopify is super easy to use and setup, nothing is complicated and you could be selling your products online within and an hour. You can even try it for free on a 14 day trial!

Blue Host Niche Hosting

Blue Host is what I use for all my niche websites. Bluehost has super fast hosting and I highly recommend them. Right now, you can get hosting for just $3.95 a month! Usually $7.99. This is perfect for starting that new website!

Traffic Planet Big Blog Hosting

When you have a large website with loads of traffic you need special optimized hosting. Traffic Planet is just that! I use this on my own blog... it's SUPER fast. Blue host is great for niche website but for this blog I needed something with more caliber to handle the large traffic volumes. 

Awesome Website Themes

What's a website without a theme right? I get asked all the time about the themes I use. I get my themes from Theme Shop. Absolutely stunning clean responsive themes. What's better than awesome themes? An awesome discount.... Use "OnlineDimes" to get 10% off!

Building A Mailing List

Get Response is one of those programs you need if you want to grow an e-mail list. You can collect e-mails and set auto responders to send out e-mails without you even doing anything! Plus you can get a 30 day free trial. They say the money is In the list and it really is. Building an e-mail list is a MUST!

Collecting E-mails

Thrive Leads is what I use for my e-mail list. Have you seen the popups my post? the dropdown form? or in the sidebar? This is the plugin I’m using. This collects e-mails for me then send them to my list management system mentioned above.

Long Tail Keywords Research

Long Tail has everything needed when it comes to keyword research. At the click of a button, you can generate tons of keywords. This is what i use to find profitable keywords that I make comission from.

Build Amazing Landing Pages

Thrive Content Builder is just insane! I can build stunning high converting landing pages that generate sales. Super easy to do with over 100 clean templates. I have one landing page that converts at 71%! that's just insane.... The average is below 30%.