Contact Flow Review: Is This The Best Email Platform For You?

How To Predict Your Income Automatically With Email Marketing!


There comes a time in life where you usually ask yourself “how do they do it?”

How do the big internet marketers make millions of dollars?

It’s simple, they use email.

If you don’t build an email list for your business then you don’t have a solid online business period.

Think about it for a second, what does any business rely on the most?

Repeat business!

If you don’t build an email list, my friend you’re missing out on stacks of extra cash.

What I’m about to introduce to you is email marketing on steroids.

Something that’s so powerful it will change the way you do email marketing forever!

Something that will give you so much control over your business that you will be able to predict precisely how much you will make with every single email!

Something that will, ok… ok that’s enough let’s get right into this!

Now, in this Contact Flow Review, I want to show you exactly how you and increase your online business revenue.

  • contact flow summary

Contact Flow is a revolutionary way to do email marketing for your business. If you own a Shopify store you can track abandon carts and sales with ease. If you collect leads for your business you can automatically calculate how much each lead is worth giving your precise stats.

Simple, clean and elegant yet so powerful and rich in features, Contact Flow will have you earning more while doing less work than you would normally have to do with any other email marketing service.

Contact Flow also allows you to create beautiful landing pages so you can collect leads without using 3rd party apps. On that note, if you use something like ClickFunnels you can integrate it with a few simple clicks.

As always, before we move on I’m giving my honest option after testing this product. I have no idea what business you run or what kind of business you plan to run.

I have no idea what business you run or what kind of business you plan to run. However, coming from years of business and making money online I feel this platform is going to change the game for a lot of people.

Change the game you might ask? In short, giving you a better long term business foundation making you a lot more money in the long run than you realize your business could even make.

Bold claim?

Among all the simple yet very effective features it has, the price is one thing to note. Contact Flow is very cheap compared to anything else in the market.

Let’s check it out


What’s Contact Flow?

In this review, we won’t be comparing this platform to anything else because I’ve only used Contact Flow and a few other platforms.

The other platforms don’t have the same features.

Contact Flow is really going to appeal to people running Shopify Stores because you can do abandon cart and run long-term email campaigns.

In fact, if you don’t do any type of email marketing you will be leaving money on the table.

If you don’t know much about email marketing the most important thing is cost. How much you’re making back per email? per campaign?

Most platforms have no way of tracking this.

Segmenting buyers via tags is also pretty cool so you can hit them with all types of sales angles. You can do this with a flow that you create.


My Connection With Contact Flow

Before we move on I would like to mention that I have a connection with this platform and for good reason.

The founder of Contact Flow contacted me via email and let me check out the software.

Why did he do this?

Well, he wanted someone who’s running a Shopify Store to check it out so that’s exactly what I did.

We also talked about some suggestions but they already had it under control and had an update out within a couple week, they already had my suggestion planned.

I’ve tested a lot of software and I’m very blunt, I recently got blocked from another platform because I found bugs… Sucks right?

If I think something sucks then I won’t recommend it to anyone!


The Beautiful Design

If you know me well you know I love clean platforms that are super easy to use!

This is the first thing I check out when using anything and if it doesn’t deliver I’m out… gone, gone in 60 seconds type gone.

First impressions matter!

What I did like about Contact Flow was the simplicity. Not only was this clean it’s very simple to use.

Stupidly easy, check this out.

That’s it!

That’s all you need to expand your online business and bring in more revenue.

Do you even fell overwhelmed when using other email platforms?

Yeah, not with this one it’s simple and beautiful.


Contact Flow Features

This would now be a good time to start taking a look at the features this platform has as to offer.

We will start from top to bottom based on the image above.


This is where all the magic happens with your overall stats

You can view stats like.

  • Contacts
  • Flow
  • Revenue
  • Lifetime Value
  • Email Stats
  • Financial Stats


This is where you set up your emails.

The flow is where your contacts will go after they optin to your form or come from your Shopify store.

A flow is going to be your autoresponder.

So your contacts are going to enter the flow via a optin form of from your Shopify Store then you can see them more products.

This is where you can also setup abandon cart emails.

Contacts can come onto your list in a few ways via triggers and here they are below.

NOTE: Anything Shopify is completely automatic you don’t need to do anything.

Contact Flow has there own Shopify app.

Actions are things you can do within the flow like send an email or set a delay.

You can also send a text, this is great for webinar registrations.

Conditions are really cool because you can now get really specific.

You can separate people who don’t open a specific email or click on a specific link.

This makes it really easy to separate people then patch them with a different angle.

This is where you can also check if someone purchased a specific product.

We will get into more of this stuff once we get into the videos soon.


The product section is where you add products you are trying to promote via the emails.

Now, Shopify products get added automatically so you don’t need to worry about this sections if you use this for Shopify

The product section is going to be for your digital products you have to sell if you have any.

For example, I can sell my eCom Elites training by adding it to the product section to track.

I will also be able to setup my abandon cart and purchase code inside this section.



This is where all the contacts will be listed.

It will show the ones who purchased as well and the lifetime value!

This is so important because then you know exactly how much your list is worth!


This is where you write out your emails.

Yea can also do this inside the flow if you like but either way, this is where all the saved email templates will be.

You can use them on any flow you like and they will always be saved in the template area.


Landing Pages

This is something I found really cool!

You can build lead capture pages and landing pages saving you money.

You save money by not having to use another landing page builder if you don’t want to.

Contact Flow has also added some templates to make it super easy to start using.

This is awesome because even if you have no idea how to get started with building a landing page you can just use the templates.


Contact Flow has a nice and simple Shopify plugin but they also have ClickFunnels integration!

We all know how popular it is and my readers know what I think about it from reading my Clickfunnels Review.


The Problem! (with email marketing)

When it comes to email marketing the world is full of confusion.

The gurus will tell you that you need complicated systems.

You feel confused because other platforms have things you don’t even need. You will never use most of the functions yet they still sit there looking at you keeping you confused.

The pricing on other platforms can sometimes be ridiculous. (because of the features you will never use).

These are problems facing nearly everyone who wants to get into email marketing.

It doesn’t need to be complicated and you don’t need fancy expensive platforms that confuse you.

To help ease your mind I’ve created this video show you exactly how simple Contact Flow is to use.

Scale To The Moon!

Have you ever heard the term “scale to the moon”?

Whenever you hear someone say something along the lines of “I’m scaling my business to the moon” it means they have a system in place that consistently brings them in revenue that’s predictable.

Imagine for a second that you sell a course online and you have trouble getting traffic let alone even tracking profit.

Let’s say to dive into Facebook Ads and spend $2 per lead (email).

Now 4 days later in your email sequence, each lead is worth $3. Then imagine if 17 days later that lead is now worth $4.

So in 17 days, you have doubled your money.

Sounds awesome right? The question is, how do you track all of this?

Well, you can waste time crunching numbers and using platforms that don’t track anything or have trouble tracking.

You don’t need to go through all that trouble with Contact Flow.

Contact Flow will tell you exactly how much a lead is worth to you!

So once you have your lead cost you can literally go out there and throw as much money as you want into your Facebook Ads because you know how much a lead will be worth to you.

If you can put $1,000 in to Facebook and make back $3,000 a few weeks later would that get your business to the moon?

Of course, it will right?

It’s all about controlling the income and having a predictable way of doing it.

Just stop and think about that for a second. You have full control over your revenue, powerful stuff!

Imagine running this on your Shopify store! Having technology like this is going to increase revenue for your Shopify Store.

Then we have email earnings.

Contact Flow will tell me exactly how much income a specific email has generated for me.

This will give you important stats so you can tweak sales copy inside emails to convert better!


Crafting The Perfect Email

One thing that caught my eye when using this platform was pricing tables!

Ok, I’m jumping the gun here but check this out.

As far as I’m aware no other email software even has this option.

I can create an awesome call to action pricing table right inside my email!

This is so powerful if you have warm traffic ready to buy from you. This is PERFECT for Shopify stores.

That’s only scratching the surface, look at all these other options.

Then we have the list of fonts you can use.

When it comes to creating your email Contact Flow makes it nice and easy with some surprisingly cool extras like the pricing table.


Building Your Landing Page

I recommend using something like ClickFunnels for landing pages if you want to build out complex funnels.

If you don’t want to use something like ClickFunnels then Contact Flow has its own landing page builder built in.

The landing page builder they provide is actually pretty good and you can build what you need in a drag and drop fashion.

This is all you need if you plan to build nice looking clean landing pages and you don’t need the funnel functions CLickFunnels offers.

You can also create optin formins inside of Contact Flow saving you time and money being able to do it all on one platform.

I’ve created this video to show you inside the builder.

The landing page builder is super easy to use and is perfect for someone whos new to landing pages.

It’s not complicated and it has enough punch be build out beautiful pages for you to use.


Connecting Shopify To Contact Flow

Since most of my readers run Shopify Stores,  I wanted to add this section in to my Contact Flow review to show you how easy it is to set up.

If you want to connect everything to your store it’s very easy to do.

Just go to integrations and click “configure”.


Once that’s done you just need to put your store URL in the box.

Once you have done that all you need to do is click “Install app”

Nice and easy right?


That’s all you need to do if you want to connect Shopify to Contact Flow.

Everything else is done automatically.

It will track sales and also put contacts into your flows via tags you set or you can run the default tags.

Once this sets itself up you can then go back into Contact Flow and start setting up your automated emails.

As time goes on you can build out more sophisticated flows inside the platform maximizing profits.


How Does This Grow Your Business?

If you run any type of online business then you know that qualified leads and really the lifeblood that keeps you moving.

You need customers and Contact Flow gives you the platform to look after those customers and give them emails that they actually want and emails that are related to them!

Just recently I did an affiliate promotion and came 2nd.

This would not have been possible without an email list of quality leads.

my contact flow review

That’s not bad considering there were a lot of people promoting this!

I won $4,000 on top of my commissions!

This was achieved by sending out just a few emails that took about 10 minutes to create and send.

Talk about passive income!

To grow your business you need to increase sales and that’s why email marketing is so important.

From my Shopify stores alone over 20% of sales come from email automation.


Final Words

To finish this off I would just like to say that times are changing.

If you don’t segment your list with an automated platform like this then your leads will lose quality over time.

What do I mean?

Well if you just keep sending your leads emails all the time that have nothing to do with what they are interested in then the quality is going to drop.

With Contact Flow you can control every leads from start to finish.

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